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    How To Express Your Undying Love For Pop Stars With Shrinky Dinks

    Forget band t-shirts. You're about to showcase your greatest musical loves in the cutest imaginable format: the noble Shrinky Dink.

    You might already know about Shrinky Dinks, aka the coolest kids' craft of the 1980s.


    "Shrinky Dinks" is actually a brand name for thin sheets of polyurethane paper that you draw on, then pop in the oven. They shrink (geddit?) and harden up into tiny little wonder-charms that you can glue to pins, bracelets, or basically anything else in the world.

    But did you know you can make DIY versions of whatever likenesses your heart desires?

    They can be ANYTHING YOU WANT with a little Sharpie and colored pencil (including corgis and scissors, as you can see here). And who doesn't want a good luck talisman of a teeny corgi?

    So of course they make for fabulous unauthorized musician merch.

    Kyle de Medio

    No one else on Earth is going to have exactly the same Lionel Richie brooch, and that's something you're going to be really proud of, trust. And not only will your project be completely unique, but also completely cost-efficient: You can get 10 sheets of generic-brand "shrink plastic" for about a dollar each in most craft or discount retail (think K-Mart) stores.

    And you can go wild with colors and concepts.

    Kyle de Medio

    Pink and yellow Stevie Wonder? Sure, go ahead. Uni-nostriled David Bowie? Duh. Blue-haired Peter Frampton with only half of his face? Did you even have to ask, because OF COURSE.

    You can also carefully trace over record sleeves to try for a reproduction portrait.

    Amy Rose Spiegel

    Although, as you can see, it might not always go totally flawlessly, as with poor Tina Turner/banshee and Paul McCartney/bloodhound here. WHO CARES, I TRIED, THEY HAVE CHARACTER. That's more than you can say about the 8,973rd Rubber Soul t-shirt you've seen on the bus, probably.

    Where else are you going to get pristinely gaudy Elton John rhinestone jewelry?

    Via Instagram: @verymuchso

    All you need is a dollar store bauble and a little hot glue to turn your Shrinky Dink into the ultimate statement necklace. Your jewelry box is about to get a whole lot more colorful.

    And if you pay particularly good attention to detail, you can freehand draw amazing portraits like this one of Kanye.

    Benjamin Hale

    Tell me this doesn't make you want to immediately go out and attempt tons of mini rapper portraits yourself. So good.

    In short, Shrinky Dinks are the best and you're gonna be great at them.

    Kyle de Medio

    And don't just limit yourself to music, either. Trace or draw just about anything in the world for maximum enjoyment levels, because the world could always use more of that sweet, sweet corgi (and Lisa Simpson) art. Now go Shrink a Dink!

    Special thanks to Kyle de Medio and crew.