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    Going To A Concert In Your Teens Vs. As An Adult

    Ugh, god, why is it so LOUD in here?

    As a teenager, you thought camping outside a concert venue was cool and adventurous.


    "Sleeping on concrete in the rain? Sign me up!" —you at 16, probably.

    But when you're grown, the idea of waiting through even the opening band is laughable.


    You're rolling up at 10 p.m., 9:45 at the earliest.

    Did you want to drink at the show as a teenager?


    This trusty disguise was your go-to way to get covertly faced. Also of note: Adding whiskey to 20 oz. bottles of Coke.

    Sure, that was gross. But compared with paying $12 for this much beer when you're of age...

    Via was way more cost-effective, if just a touch trashy.

    As a teenager, all you wanted to do was get as close as you could to front-row center.


    Aww, yeah. Right against the rail. That'll bruise you up nicely if people decide to start moshing behind you.

    After you're a bit older, you have a different floor spot in mind.


    How else are you going to nab more of those teensy infant drinks without totally interrupting your concert experience?

    As a teenager, you were stoked to try crowd surfing.


    You were young, fearless, and fully prepared to kick gropers if necessary.

    But as a bona-fide grown-up, you're stoked to try earplugs.


    "Ah, finally! A way to HEAR LESS at a concert, an experience that's all about sound!"

    When you were a teenager, you sang along to every single song.

    Whereas as an Old, this is you if the band plays a song that isn't from the third album or before.

    When you saw the band walking back onstage for an encore, your teenage self was awed.


    "Maybe NOW they'll finally play my favorite song! Or not! Who cares! This rules!"

    Whereas encores in your twenties or later just make you tiiiiired.


    "I feel obligated to stay, but I actually can't keep my eyes open."

    Teenage you was so excited to get your hands on some of that sweet, sweet merch.

    Via Flickr: 28292827@N07

    $40 for a too-big T-shirt seemed like the best deal of your lifetime.

    But as an adult, you're just excited to beat the line out of the parking garage.

    No matter your age, though, one part of going to shows never really changes...

    ...and you know that one day, this will definitely be you.


    And you'll love every second of it, just like always.