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    18 Reasons Why Ed Sheeran Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

    Prepare to meet your ginger-haired match.

    1. He has a fantastic smile.

    2. He thinks your hobbies are cool.

    3. Look at how sweetly he plays the guitar!


    He writes songs about you, like, all the time.

    4. He always knows just what you need after a rough day at work.

    5. He doesn't mind if you want to stay in sometimes. In fact, he thinks that sounds GREAT.

    6. He got you a really cute shelter cat for your birthday...

    7. ...and isn't afraid to wear his love for animals on his sleeves.

    8. He loves dessert almost as much as you do (as if he needed to be any sweeter).

    9. He's an actual BARON, so you'd pretty much be in the royal family.

    Via Instagram: @teddysphotos

    You should probably open up another tab and start searching for tiaras on eBay.

    10. Compared to you, he thinks other girls smell bad.

    Via Instagram: @teddysphotos

    Even Taylor Swift, who has approximately 29734 perfumes of her very own creation.

    11. He looks just like the other most adorable redhead in the world, except cuter.


    And Ed's kind of magic just works on your HEART.

    12. He's good at giving tattoos.


    Just ask Harry Styles, who has a little lock on his wrist courtesy of Ed.

    13. He has plenty of his own, too, but they're too goofy to worry your mom.


    I mean, Heinz ketchup doesn't exactly scream "biker gang."

    14. He's a total softy...

    15. ...but he can also be kinda bad.


    In the best way, of course.

    16. Really, he thinks you're beyond perfect just the way you are.

    17. Seriously, don't ever change a thing.

    18. And he thinks Jessie J is totally annoying, too. Swoon.