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    18 Examples Of Weird And Wonderful Band Merchandise

    From weed grinders to Snuggies to condoms, these musicians went WAY beyond simple t-shirts and hoodies.

    1. Slayer holiday sweater

    2. Kiss kasket


    Dimebag Darrell was even buried in one! And for the low, low price of $3,299, you can be, too.

    3. Mastodon "asstodon" shorts

    4. Wavves weed grinder

    Pretty much the most on-brand merch ever.

    5. Weezer Snuggie

    6. AC/DC grill mitt


    If you like $30 oven mitts, you're in luck!

    7. Ween coloring book

    8. Feist music box


    It plays "Mushaboom," which definitely wasn't twinkly and sweet enough already and totally needed to be music-box-ified for that to come across.

    9. One Direction toothbrush and toothpaste

    10. Morrissey pillowcase

    Via Flickr: roziewong

    For those accustomed to sleeping alone.

    11. Pixies cycling jersey


    Like, WHY?

    12. "Weird Al" Yankovic trading cards



    13. Tenacious D cum rag

    14. Dr. Dre magnetic refrigerator poetry


    For those who want to hang up particularly xxplosive grocery lists and chronic pictures of their nephew.

    15. Rolling Stones skis

    16. Justin Bieber shower curtain


    There's no way of considering the existence of this thing that isn't at least somewhat skeezy.

    17. U2 condoms

    18. And, of course, the Rammstein dildo kit.


    They're molded from the real-life penii of Rammstein's band members. DILDO HAST MICH!