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    17 Reasons To Have A Crush On Tegan And Sara

    The Quin twins are total heartthrobs.

    1. Just look how suave they are.

    2. They're wonderfully self-effacing.

    3. They always know just what you're going through.

    4. They make you jealous of microphones.

    5. And also guitars.


    7. They have incredible fashion sense.

    8. They share what is possibly the most winning smile in history.

    9. They know what's most important in life.

    10. Tegan and Sara straight don't give a fuck.

    11. Their hairstyles have changed a lot through the ages, and each one is even more immaculate than the last.

    12. They're very helpful and informative.

    13. Even Amy Poehler loves them.

    14. Let's face it: they're basically magical beings.

    15. Their funny faces are too cute to handle.

    16. Seriously, just look how perfect.

    17. Basically, there's just one thing left to ask these two amazing sisters: