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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    11 Times Mariah Carey Looked Like A Goddess In The "#Beautiful" Video

    Good god, woman. This video is everything.

    This is the video for "#Beautiful" by Mariah Carey, featuring Miguel.

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    And guess what? It's as hashtag-beautiful as the title might suggest.

    1. Oh, hello, there. Who is this beautiful woodland angel?


    And why is she riding a motorcycle in a Disney forest?

    2. Oh, because she's MARIAH FREAKIN' CAREY, and she's a perfect fairy angel.


    Look at how she radiates sunbeams. Who else can do that? NO ONE.

    3. Just for good measure, let's take a closer look at that gorgeous face.


    Cheekbones 4 daze, honey. I can't with this. No one can.

    4. Let's go for a ride with our goddess and her blessed tongue.


    It is a mystery how Miguel can be so stoic when faced with Mariah-mouth.

    5. Also, please enjoy this hair/hand situation all orgasmically a-flutter.


    Okay, I get it — Miguel realizes that Mimi is the most precious of cargo and has to keep his eyes on the road. DRIVE SAFELY, MIGUEL.

    6. Now let's enter the twirling/chandeliers/luxury cars portion of this gift of a video.


    And maybe fantasize about living inside of it forever.

    7. Because it's a place where things like this happen.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead.

    8. And where Mariah's panties breathe freely.


    Again: x_x

    9. All her twirling in this video makes me dizzy...WITH JOY.


    BRB, trying to imitate this perfectly in my room for the next three days or so.

    10. Really, all her dance moves are kind of the best.


    Nick Cannon, let's trade lives, okay?

    11. IN CLOSING: Mariah is a beacon of gorgeous perfection.


    And this video proves she's "AHH AHH, YA BEAUT-I-FUL" beyond a shadow of a doubt.