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Jon Hamm Let A Stranger Cradle Him Like A Baby For Charity

Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, Lena Dunham and BJ Novak helped some strangers in New York who were participating in a cancer charity event

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This is Jon Hamm on Saturday afternoon in NYC.

Via Jess Cho/Facebook

Ben (the guy on the right) was participating in a charity event called Scavenge for Life, an anti-cancer fundraiser. One of the tasks on the scavenger hunt was "take a picture of a team member cradling an adult stranger like a baby." Ben just happened to find Jon Hamm outside SideBAR and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Hamm, I'm doing a charity scavenger hunt for cancer research, would you mind if I cradled you like a baby?" Jon Hamm said, "Sure."

Lena Dunham joined in to support the charity scavengers, too.

Via (Ally Fields/Facebook)

Jon Hamm wasn't alone—he was hanging with his partner Jennifer Westfeldt, as well as Lena Dunham and BJ Novak. They took a picture with one of the #ScavengeForLife teams, with Lena holding up the list of tasks.

Celebrities: they're just like us!

The 6th annual Scavenge for Life, organized by Jess Cho and Ali Holstein, took place May 31, 2014. The charity event has raised $38,000 for cancer research and early screening since 2006. Read more about the fundraiser here.

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