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    • healthyfitandbroke

      One night freshman year, my girlfriends and I went to a club for a few drinks and then back to our apartment complex to our neighboors afterparty, at this point I felt pretty sober and this is as far as I remember. Two days later I was sitting in the toilet and as I´m about to be done, what comes out of my vagina? A CONDOM!!! I had no recolection of what happened so I went to a neighboor who was the only person I wanted to hook up with at the afterparty. He was sweet enough to fill in the blanks from that night and said that basically after getting back from the club I drank all of his beer and smoked his last joint AND told him straight up to come upstairs with me so we could do it. Then he and my roomates laughed at me for days for having a condom stuck in my vagina for two days. The worst part about this bad hookup story is I cannot even honestly feel embarrased or ashamed because i don´t remember a thing.

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