Rep Alan Grayson Blasts the Opposition On Health Insurance Reform

We’ve tried not to side with either political party over the health insurance reform bill (though we’re clearly in favor of change), but this week Democratic Senator Alan Grayson shocked the Republicans by standing up and calling them out in public over their stance on the health insurance reform bill. He simplified the situation by summing up their plan as “Don’t get sick! If you do get sick, die quickly!” That may be an oversimplification, but I’m not seeing a lot more substance in any plan put forward by the Republicans so far. Their strategy seems to be: Delay everything as long as possible (killing another 120+ uninsured Americans every day). Kill the bill at all costs (to keep the funds rolling into their coffers from the health industry). If the bill can’t be halted, pad it with as many benefits for the health insurers, health car eproviders and pharmaceutical companies as as possible. Please take a look at these two videos. In the first one, Senator Grayson makes his point, causing outrage among the Republicans, who demand that he apologize. He apologizes in the second one, but not to them. Instead, he apologizes to the dead and their families. I don’t agree with his reference to the Holocaust, that was unnecessary. However, I think he’s right, as we have done in previous articles, to bring this stark fact to the attention of America – Almost 45,000 Americans die every day because they don’t have health insurance. That’s 123 a day. After you’ve viewed the videos, please take a minute to participate in our poll. We’ll publish the results on Monday.

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