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10 Amazing Murals In NYC: Then And Now (Part I)

New York City is an ever-changing canvas - from the fashion on the streets to the walls of the city. This constant evolution of style and art is depicted on its ever-changing landscape. Here are ten amazing murals then and now. Photos by @venusinorbit.

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1. Stay Classy Like Audrey || Little Italy || 2014.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @tristaneaton for the The LISA Project NYC. Photo by @venusinorbit. One winter afternoon in Little Italy, Tristan Eaton's stunning depiction of the ever-so-classy Audrey Hepburn caught my attention. The LISA Project aims to bring a diverse group of street artists to celebrate the vibrant Little Italy district. Check out their website for news about upcoming murals and more.

2. Be Super || Bowery Mural || 2013.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @crashone. Photo by @venusinorbit. Walking around downtown NYC with @jaynelies, will usually call for an impromptu photoshoot. Click here to see how the art featured on this public gallery has evolved through time.

3. Peace and Justice || DUMBO Walls || 2013.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @shepardfairey. Photo by @venusinorbit. A polarizing figure in the street art genre, Shepard Fairey's larger-than-life murals are a reflection of his big ideas about social justice, from the iconic Barack Obama "HOPE" poster to the OBEY Giant Worldwide Propaganda Delivery. He succeeds either way.

5. Blue Belle || Welling Court Murals || 2014.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @icyandsot. Photo by @venusinorbit. Gorgeous stencil by brothers Icy and Sot. their work speaks not only of the aesthetic qualities of art, but their art also speaks about war, peace, hope, despair and other social issues. Click here for info about their newest installation.

7. True Beauty Never Fades || Astoria, Queens || 2014.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by The Wallnuts Crew. Photo by @venusinorbit. This massive wall in the vicinity of Ravenswood Houses, displays the amazing talent of this long-time local graffiti crew that has beautified Queens and other boroughs. Namaste.

8. Back That Thing Up || NOHO || 2013.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @jr. Photo by @venusinorbit. Although not officially a wall, trucks have steadily been used to showcase the work of street artists in NYC. Even worldwide sensation JR is not an exception. For more photos of this NYC phenomenon can be seen here.

9. Because I Choose to Use My Infinite Potential || Welling Court Murals || 2012.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by @queenandreaone. Photo by @venusinorbit. Inspiring words from amazing graffiti artist Queen Andrea, who rules the city walls with her super fresh script. On a related note, here's a BBC News article on unlocking your brain's potential by switching off one's frontal temporal lobe and a Huffington Post article discussing how meditation can unleash your brain's limitless potential.

10. Euphoria is You for Me || Downtown Brooklyn || 2012.

@venusinorbit / Via

Art by ESPO. Photo by @venusinorbit. In his love letter to Brooklyn, artist Stevie Powers challenges the concept of traditional letter-writing and the use of art as a vehicle for interpersonal interaction. Also, is love really a state of euphoria? Or is this euphoric state in fact a result of something other than love.

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