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    This Is What It's Like To Be A Syrian Refugee Child In Lebanon.

    I asked 12 young aspiring journalists who have fled the war in Syria three different questions about what their life is like now. They were given pen, paper and a camera. These are their answers: in their own words, as seen through their own eyes. Warning: May restore faith in humanity.

    What makes you feel safe?

    What do you hate most about camp life?

    What do you think people don't know about life in the camp?

    Waad and his 11 classmates are all part of a Youth Press Club run by local NGO Beyond Association that is funded by UNICEF Lebanon. The Press Club gives young Syrian refugees from informal tented settlements in the Zahle area of Lebanon a chance to talk about the daily issues they face while learning valuable photography and writing skills. To find out how else UNICEF Lebanon is helping children in Lebanon, click here.