Lucy Liu Is Better Than You, And Here’s Why

Actress, artist, narrator, film producer and certified perfect human being.

1. She is a kick ass Watson. / Via http://Google%20Images

Many die hard fans of the BBC’s Sherlock series were flustered that a new American adaptation was to be made - one with a female Watson. (the horror!) Not surprisingly, Liu’s character on CBS’s Elementary, Joan Watson, is the highlight of the show. BBC fanboys can whine all they want, but they are doing a disservice to themselves by not watching Liu’s snarky and complex interpretation of the famous character.

2. She is a UNICEF Ambassador.

Liu has been an outspoken advocate against human trafficking since 2004. Her most recent collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development was for the documentary “Traffic,” a joint project with USAID and the MTV Foundation for the EXIT campaign. Have you even left your house yet today?

3. She recently recorded a track with Mos Def and Jay Electronica.

Jeymes Samuel recently released a short film, They Die By Dawn, with a star-filled cast that includes Michael K. Williams, Erykah Badu, Isaiah Washington, Jesse Williams and Rosario Dawson. The track that Liu is featured on is a mix of hip-hop and distinctly western-style guitar, with a beat that feels like a galloping horse, and features Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) and Jay Electronica.

4. She can dance.

5. She and Josh Hartnett once disrupted the peace at a club and got the cops called on them.

While filming Lucky Number Slevin in Montreal, the cast went out for drinks one night. “We all went out to a tiny bar. They had a DJ there and I had a great time, but I had to work the next day. I never go out when I’m working but they said, ‘Come on one time.’ I thought, ‘I’ll just come by for 10 minutes,’ and that was when we were dancing on the tables and the Montreal police came. We were disrupting the peace,” Liu said later. Nobody was arrested, but it probably would have been awesome if we got a Lucy mugshot out of it.

6. Her hair.

Can your hair do this? I doubt it.

7. O-Ren Ishii. Enough said.

Kill Bill / Via

Oh, have you not seen Kill Bill? You should kindly escort yourself out and immediately go watch Lucy Liu kick some serious ass.

8. No, really, if you havent seen her in Kill Bill, youre doing it wrong.

9. Her freckles.

Look at those freckles. Cute as shit. Are your freckles this flawless? Probably not.

10. She still looks good even when a little bit of her brain is showing.

I am not entirely confident you could say the same.

11. She also still looks good while eating a hot dog.

We definitely know not everyone can say the same.

12. She can wear anything and make it look good.

Golden Globes 2013 / Via

Exhibit A: Lucy is seen here dressed as a vintage English breakfast tea cup. Tea bags sold separately.

13. She was the first Asian American female to host SNL.

14. She plays the squeezebox.

She has played the accordion since she was a kid. “It’s like a part of you, as opposed to a guitar or a flute,” she told Playboy.

15. Her artwork is actually…really good.

Liu has been painting for years and exhibiting under the pseudonym Yu Ling, so as not to draw more attention to herself. But she recently held an exhibit in London under her own name and has published a book filled with her abstract artwork.

The focal point of the exhibition is a piece titled, “Seventy Two,” a series of 72 individual ink paintings inspired by the 72 names of God, a concept derived from the Book of Exodus. The 72 images range in style from hints of chinese calligraphy to more western forms of abstraction, accompanied by an assortment of found objects such as butterfly wings, bones and glass.

16. Check out this cool video of her doing artsy stuff.

17. One of the greatest episodes of Futurama revolved around her.

18. Joan Watson knows how to deal with her haters.

So get over yourself and any negative Lucy feelings you have, because it is way more rewarding when you just admit to yourself that you love her.

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