14 Best Dishes In New York City

Meals you need to eat as soon as possible, trust me. Try not to drool on your screen while reading this either.

1. Pork Buns from Ippudo

Pork Belly, Steamed Bun, and a sauce made from the heavens, you need to eat this IMMEDIATELY.

2. Slice from Patsy’s (Harlem)

There’s something different about the pizza from Patsy’s in Harlem (other Patsy’s in the city don’t compare), it is easily one of the best slices in the city.

3. Banana Pudding From Magnolia’s

Sounds so simple but it is truly one of the best desserts you will ever have.

4. Sicilian Pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens

Made with sauce on top and cheese on the bottom, this reversed pizza will make you want to eat an entire pie by yourself.

5. Bonchon Chicken from Bonchon Chicken

Give me those. All of those.

6. Lamb Burger from The Breslin

I know I know, lamb burger? Eat this and find out for yourselves.

7. Bagel from Brooklyn Bagel

Wake up with a hangover Saturday or Sunday morning? This bagel will take care of all you need.

8. Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll from Red Farm

Pastrami in an egg roll???? The madness! This concoction of deli meat and an Asian appetizer is a perfect combination.

9. Late Night Halal Truck (Many locations)

Depending on who you ask, certain trucks are substantially better than others. In general, any halal truck after midnight will be the best styrofoam meat dinner you’ve ever had…beware of how you’ll feel the next morning…

10. Mozzarella Sticks from Parm

Mozz sticks? Usually frozen from a box, these are made in house and are absolutely amazing.

11. Nutter Butter from Bouchon Bakery

These are just a tiny bit better than the ones your mom used to put in your lunch every day.

12. Classic Meatball Sandwich at The Meatball Shop


13. Tater Tots at PDT

These tots are even better than the hot dogs, cheesy, chili-y, and just straight up delicious.

14. Soup Dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai

So worth the burnt mouth.

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