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    16 Cleaning Products That People Swear By Are On Sale This Prime Day!

    Get ready to have the cleanest home in the land!

    1. Bid goodbye to the everyday chore of breaking your back with jhaadu and poccha with this super mop equipped with a standing mop, a bucket on wheels and a spinning wringer for the mop - ₹1,199 (MRP: ₹2,199)

    2. This super-absorbent microfibre cloth holds up to 4 times more water than a regular cloth, completely demolishes dust, grime and dirt with a single swipe and will be an enormous help for those dust allergies so common in the monsoon - ₹255 (pack of 4) (MRP: ₹499)

    3. With a single spray and swipe, bid adieu to any dirt, dust, watermarks or fingerprints with Colin glass and surface cleaner. It leaves all the glass tabletops, windows and doors squeaky clean in an instant - ₹212 (pack of 3) (MRP: ₹225)

    4. This smart 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner ticks vacuuming off your to-do list for good. App-controlled with maps and navigation, this device cleans carpeted, wooden, marble or tile flooring just as well - ₹33,300 (MRP: ₹83,800)

    5. The expert in treating hard watermarks that invariably dull the shine of the shower and taps in any bathroom, this shower and tap cleaner works like magic on any faucets, basins, tubs, showerheads and bathroom fixtures - ₹179 (MRP: ₹210)

    The bottle of the tap and shower cleaner next to a before an after image of a tap cleaned with it

    6. This multi-purpose, reusable and washable Scotch Brite sponge wipe will instantly become a cleaning essential in your house. Soak up any spills, crumbs or dirt with a simple wipe and wash it away immediately to use again - ₹165 (pack of 3) (MRP: ₹195)

    7. The Pink Stuff multipurpose cleaning paste is a literal Godsend that works wonders in cleaning dirty utensils, oven grills, glass, ceramic tiles and those copper and brass objects that looked like they belong in a museum until this cleaning paste came along - ₹319 (MRP: ₹329)

    8. Keep your hands from drying out with these easy-to-use silicone scrubbing gloves that will help you clean all those dirty dishes without getting any of the gunk on your own hands - ₹169 (MRP: ₹999)

    9. There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t gagged looking at the unfortunately common sight of the dirty toilet seat. The Pee Safe toilet seat sanitiser is the actual knight in shining armour we need. It will find a permanent spot in our handbags from the very first use - ₹185 (pack of 2) (MRP: ₹240)

    10. With years of use, all wooden furniture tends to lose its shine, starting to look old and faded. Use this wooden polish spray to remove any fingerprints, marks, stains and dust from the surface to restore its natural shine with ease - ₹269 (MRP: ₹499)

    11. This Harpic bathroom liquid cleaner promises 10 times better cleaning and can be used on tiles, flooring, toilet bowls, and basins - ₹165 (MRP: ₹172)

    12. Get access to all those inconvenient corners and crevices that otherwise only get cleaned once a year with this flexible microfibre cleaning duster that’ll easily clean every difficult to reach spot in your house - ₹399 (MRP: ₹799)

    13. The tile cleaning solution scrubs away all the stains, dirt and grime that invariably accumulates in our bathrooms and rarely gets cleaned. This cleaner is effective, safe on the hands, protects the colour of the tiles and restores their shine - ₹155 (MRP: ₹180)

    14. Tried to jam your vacuum cleaner’s smallest attachments into channels of sliding doors and windows but to no avail? Get this window cleaning mini brush and dustpan that'll let you easily scoop up and clean all that stubborn dust - ₹299 (MRP: ₹599)

    15. Smelly dusting cloths will become a thing of the past with these super-convenient microfibre cleaning gloves that can clean any surface, be it the kitchen, dining table, showpieces or even electronics that have accumulated dust over months of regular use - ₹155 (MRP: ₹249)

    16. This handheld vacuum cleaner will leave your car spick and span with its powerful and effective suction that works on both dry and wet spills. The 5-metre long wire helps to reach into all the corners of the vehicle as well - ₹1,653 (MRP: ₹1,999)