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15 Clichés I Am Honestly Sick And Tired Of Seeing In Bollywood Films

Inserting a romantic interest for the lead, when that makes no difference to the plot, for example.

Haven’t there been times when you were watching a Bollywood movie and realised that you know exactly how it’s going to end? Some classic tropes have been overused SO much in Hindi films, that it’s time to call them out! I am doing so because these cliches act as crutches to pass off lazy writing and acting, making the audience the fool in the process.

1. Slow-mo entries for the hero.

2. Actresses being used as good-looking props.

Sara Ali Khan in a still from Simmba

3. (Mis)Representing modern Indian women.

Deepika Padukone entering a nightclub in a still from Cocktail

4. EVERYONE knows how to dance and sing!

5. No closure to the storylines of supporting casts.

A man speaks while another man looks at him in bewilderment

6. Inserting a romantic interest for the lead when that makes no difference to the plot.

A man wearing sunglasses has his arms around a woman

7. Over-exposition through dialogues by the supporting cast.

A bespectacled man salutes another man

8. (Much) Older male actors romancing actresses half their age.

A man looks on while a woman shoots an arrow

9. Ridiculous action sequences.

10. Stereotypical regional representations.

11. Only hinting at psychological illnesses.

A teary-eyed man looks at a woman

12. Transformation montages.

13. Female leads who look perfect AT ALL TIMES!

14. Unrealistically buff male bodies.

15. And finally, the makeover!