Which iPhone 5 Case Is Your Style?

Some of the most popular cases around the internet are here for you to check them out and see what suits you best!

1. For the musician..

White case with black notes as details.

2. For the Graphic designer..

Full pantone case with stand option. Available in red and black.

3. For the actor..

Black clacket case with white details.

4. For the Dj..

Black and white case with customizable home button.

5. For the lumperjack..

Bamboo case in two parts.

6. For the overprotecting one..

Hard dual layer cases for every tough situation. Comes in many colors.

7. For the funny one..

Royal blue bunny ears silicone case with detachable tail. You can find it in many colors.

8. For the stylish one..

Bird’s nest plastic case. Comes in many colors.

9. For the patriot..

Union Jack case. No comments. *drool*

10. For the vintage lover..

Old radio case.

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