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6 Sexy But Prohibited Movie Posters

Either you admit it, either you don't.. sex is everywhere around us. Since art is life and life is art, why not combine both? A movie poster is the first and the last thing while promoting a movie. A poster shouts the identity of the film whenever you look at it. Check below some of the movie posters that some people found the way to get offended.

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2 years ago everyone was talking about this great movie starring Michael Fassbender as Brandon and his king-sized..penis. This poster is inch-to-inch provocative(?) but very creative! Yes, yes, the sperm you see in the poster (as confirmed by the producer) it's Michael's! Crazy, right? Anyway, many countries denied to have this poster hanging in their cinemas so the producers had to come up with a new idea.

Now, this poster is something you don't see every day! Woody Harrelson posing as another Christ in front of a woman's vagina shocked many members of the U.S Department of Conduct so, they prohibited the poster in the U.S. You should know that many of the European countries opened up their arms and welcomed this very pop-art-kind-of-poster! What happened to this poster? I'm sure you know the rest..

“Zack and Miri make a porno” is the name of this low-budget film. This film is all about a low-on-money couple who try to make some money filming a porno. The result is kind of hilarious. Also, hilarious(or creepy!) is the film poster. Having Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks staring into your soul while laughing is .. well, kinky. So, why this poster got kicked out? The answer is on the bottom of the poster..

“The Rules of Attraction” is a movie from the corrupt (seriously) minds of "American Psycho" and "Pulp Fiction". The content of the movie is most erotic and centers in a couple of friends trying to find out everything about the rules around sex. I must inform you that in this movie there is no male or female genitalia shown. The poster has no human being in it but instead stuffed toys are fulfilling the gap while posing in a different then a model-kind-of-way. This movie poster got the "prohibition" stamp because they thought that young people might watch the movie and get corrupted or something like that.. You should know that this movie came out as an adult movie so I don't see any problems. Well, there are certainly many different opinions.

I don't believe that anyone in this world haven't seen this poster from the movie "The Outlaw" by Howard Hughes, starring Jane Mansfield. The woman in the poster (as you already) know is the main character in the movie. She is posing in a sexy way, ready to fire her gun and well.. do more things than that. This movie poster was way too scandalous by the time it was out in public. Although this poster was chosen by the producers to make the world SEE this movie it got withdrawn soon after they published it. "The Outlaw" took 3 years to reach the cinema because of many existing economic problems.

This movie hit the cinema in day of the woman in October 8, 2010. The poster was prohibited not for the semi-naked woman posing but because this actual poster is kind of misleading. The movie has some really tragic scenes.

[Spoilers] Staring at this poster you may think that the woman is in a killing frenzy and that the whole movie is about a woman trying to kill everyone or something. WRONG, the movie focuses on a young woman getting raped and only in the 1/3 of this movie the woman actually takes revenge when she's destroying her rapists one by one.

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