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    Justin Timberlake Had The Perfect Response To Lance Bass Shading Him On TikTok

    Boys will be boys.

    You can take the boys out of the boy band, but you can't take the petty public drama out of the boys.

    A smiling Lance Bass in a striped top on the red carpet
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    On Sunday, Lance Bass took to TikTok to take part in a new social media trend while also throwing a little shade at a former bandmate.

    Members of NSYNC on the red carpet, in suits and leather jackets
    Bob Riha Jr / Getty Images

    In the video, Lance is seen dancing with a group, and the words "When JT finally responds to my text..." are written above him.

    Lance also posted the video to his Instagram, where Justin Timberlake saw and commented.

    Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake singing onstage together
    San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

    Justin wrote, "Once those babies show up…your unavailability will all make sense, bro."

    Justin is referring to the surrogate twins Lance is expecting with his husband, Michael Turchin.

    Justin and Michael on the red carpet
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Lance's response was one simple word: "Touché."

    Lance outdoors in a parking area, with his hands in his pants pockets
    Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Race to Erase MS

    NSYNC's former members have stayed pretty close over the years, and Lance has even posted multiple TikTok videos with Joey Fatone.

    I'm all for a little light online teasing, and the '90s baby in me will take all the NSYNC nostalgia I can get.

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