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34 Dressed-Up Animals Who Already Won Halloween

So adorable!

1. "You cook lobster how?"

2. The pint-sized Crocodile Hunter

3. Mouse, a house cat

4. This little one almost didn't make the list because we couldn't see her. 👻

5. If you ever need a hand or a paw, this octa-kitty can lend you one or two or three...

6. Raphael, the teenage mutant dog turtle

7. This skeleton cat is sure to startle any living being.

8. Taco 'bout a crazy cute costume!

9. Is this a dino-loving kitty or a kitty-loving dino?

10. A panda in its natural habitat

11. Superdog is ready for action!

12. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATPIG!

13. Need a laugh? This kitty has all the jokes and moves of any jester.

14. Two pumpkins ready for Halloween

15. YIKES! Spider kitty!

16. Minion dogs ready to serve the most villainous master

17. Pikacat can't seem to peek out of this costume

18. We mustache this pumpkin a question.

19. The wiener dog that's a hamburger

20. What an adorable little sailor dog!

21. This kitty is all the buzz this Halloween.

22. The teacup-sized magician

23. Wizard life

24. Headless dogman

25. The caterpillar turning into a pretty cat

26. Leonardo, the fluffy mutant ninja dog turtle

27. This cat is ready for take off.

28. Catain America ready for to save all of furkind!

29. You've never wanted candy corn so badly than after looking at this costume.

30. Happy Koalaween!

31. We'd pick this one out of a pumpkin patch!

32. Ready to tackle anyone who gets in the way of trick-or-treating!

33. Pumpkin fairy princess is ready for fun.

34. If dressing up and going out on halloween isn't your thing, how about Netflix and Chill?

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