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LGBT Civil Rights Over Time Map!

Court decisions for Prop 8 and DOMA are going to be decided on THIS MONTH OF JUNE. This map shows MORE than just Marriage Equality info, it shows it OVER time [50 years!], and also shows many other LGBT CIVIL RIGHTS that are directly related to same sex couples being allowed to marry. Find out about what kinds of laws different states have for the various issues, and also SHARE so more people can learn why THESE COURT DECISIONS and future ones are important!! 50 years of Change!! What does this map show? it shows the following:

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3. Laws over time!

This sweet matrix-y deal , that shows ALL 50 years OVER time, and ALL 50 states, plus DC. This matrix lets you see HOW LONG each of the laws shown in the map and timeline LAST. Some last for 20 years, some for just 5, some even just for 1!


Finally, this sweet map shows MORE than just MARRIAGE related laws. It shows FIVE other Civil rights issues (Adoption rights, hate crime laws, hospital visitation rights, housing rights, and employment rights). The menu also shows the color meanings, which change for each different Right, and looks like this.

5. Reason to LOOK AT THIS??

It's never been done before! All these laws have never been seen in ONE SPACE before, LET ALONE over SPACE and TIME. So you should check it out to learn more about what's been going on with LGBT Civil Rights, and what is going on NOW. :)


50 years of Change!!

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