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Customer focused marketing and customer oriented promotion of your product range in a cut throat competitive market. Survival of the fittest and survival of the creative business owner in today's market is enviable. Dear Small Business Owners, The market out there is very brutal on small businesses and you will have to prepare for sustainability and more efforts on your part to overcome these hurdles for longer period of time. You should have enough funding to carry on promotions and sampling in consumer packaged goods. Find out in your product range about who are your target audience and go all out after them to entice them for your shop visit. Make sure to offer lots of promotion to bring that crowd use eye candy or door crash prices that will motivate your target audience to come to your shop, your business. Make sure when they come they will have what they are looking for in your shop in abundance else once you lose them they will not come back. You will have to come with new innovative ideas for customer inventory to flow into your business. Do research on out of the world ideas that will gain attention for a normal consumer.

Nov 2018
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