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Drake Sends Champagne To Make New Friends

Drake proves that like a sprained ankle, he ain't nothing to play with, especially when it comes to winning friends & influencing people.

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Uncorking Potential Friendships Amidst Rapper Rivalry

Those of us less plugged in to the hip hop world may have completely missed the ongoing furious feud between Drake and rapper Meek Mill.

Long story short, Meek accused the beloved former Degrassi star of using a ghostwriter for his sweet, sweet rhymes and now the battle is GDFR.

Radio Host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God has been loving the action. Though he's stated that he's not a fan of Drake's singing, Charlamagne hadn't picked a clear fave in the fight.

But now, Drake has shown us all the right and true way to make friends in the middle of a war: Send in Mr. Dom Perignon to do the talking for you.

Yes, using a play right out of Fall Out Boy hit song "Champagne for My Real Friends and Real Pain for My Sham Friends," Drake used MiniBar to send 6 bottles of the bubbly beverage to the radio host this morning, accompanied by a short & sweet note:

"Let's Be Friends

Aubrey Graham"

Living His Raps: Throwing Shade and a Promise Made

The gift was perfectly timed, as earlier this morning, Drake released his second Meek Mill diss track with the following verse:

"You gon' make me step out of my f--king frame/You gon' make me buy bottles for Charlamagne"

Gauntlet fucking thrown.

Showing us all that he is nothing if not a man of his word, Drake stuck the landing on what had appeared to be just a convenient rhyme.

"You going to make me buy bottles for Charlamagne" Drake living his raps.

So thank you, Drake.

Thank you got reminding us all about the value of staying true to your word and for showing us the best way** to make new friends.

**Each bottle of Dom costs 179.99 on Minibar. Even though delivery is free, this is one hell of pricey olive branch. Not a move recommend for non-ballers.

Listen to Drake's full track below.
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