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47 Thoughts You Had While Watching The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I want to start working out, but I also really want a cheeseburger.

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1. It's nice that they're introducing each model by first name, but I mean really, in 2015, shouldn't you just put their instagram handle?

2. But how confusing that you are sexy as hell and your name is Martha??

Instagram: @marhunt

3. I wonder how they pick who starts the show. Do they draw names from a hat?

4. *From a bra, I mean.

5. Wow, does the audience have to cheer like this for every model? That's like an hour of cheering. Exhausting.

6. Kendall!! Kris Jenner takin a pic, classic! And Kanye. Who is frowning and texting, naturally.

Instagram: @kendalljenner / Via Instagram

7. Drinking game idea, drink every time you see a Kardashian/Jenner.

8. Look, these are lovely, but what can I actually buy in store? Like that kimono is def not for sale right?

9. Love how this guy is discussing his models from "all over the world" yet 90% of them are white.




12. Real question: why isn't he wearing lingerie?

Instagram: @victoriassecret / Via Instagram

13. Kendall again! She seems to be getting quite loud cheers. Maybe the audience just relieved to see someone they recognize.

14. Ugh. I miss Heidi. I miss Tyra. I miss Miranda.

15. I want a cheeseburger.

16. Do you think The WKND is going to hook up with a model tonight?

17. What is with all these puffy sleeves? Is this what fashion is now?

18. Okay, people are getting real rowdy about the models with wings.

19. Dose abs doe

Victoria's Secret / Via Instagram

20. Lily Aldridge: "I've only posted one selfie today because I've been so busy!" Same, lil, same.

21. I love how they are telling us tips for taking a good selfie. "Lighting helps!" K, yes, but so does BEING A MODEL.

22. Okay but does Selena Gomez really use Pantene?

Selena Gomez / Via Instagram

23. OF COURSE they are talking about Taylor Swift. Being in Bad Blood, being on stage at her concert, these are the perks of an Angel.

24. Ellie, what is this song?

25. Awww, that is too sweet when they show the models praying before they walk. #thankyoujesus

26. Do you think they are told what to do at the end of the runway? Or are these little winks and kisses all spontaneous?

Victoria's Secret / Via Instagram

27. God, how much must that bejeweled corset one weigh?

28. Oooh I love that they are promoting strength training.

29. "I don't look sexy when I work out" OKAY I mean, doubtful.

30. Um, wow, what an intense training sequence. It's like #Rio2016 up in here.

31. Of course this Victoria's Secret commercial is set to a Taylor Swift song.

32. She has been mentioned literally as many times as the other musical performers AND SHE'S NOT EVEN HERE.

Taylor Swift / Via Instagram

33. Jesus this VS commercial is as long as the show.

34. OKAY HI SELENA. Yaaaaas girl you put those body shamers in their place.

35. So cute when the girls are shown dancing backstage. I undoubtedly also look this smoldering when I dance to Selena.

36. What an excellent crossover promotion for the movie "The Martian"

Megan Puleri / Via Instagram

37. See, but why would you wear mittens and then no pants?

38. I really need to start working out more.

But also I want a cheeseburger.

39. Oh, Ellie Goulding. Your voice is truly angelic.

(See what I did there?)

40. Um it seems a bit rude to advertise IHOP during the hour of television that briefly makes all of America collectively swear off carbs.

41. Wait, so she's wearing the fantasy bra over another bra?

42. This one is really bringing back memories of Britney's iconic diamond-covered bodysuit from the "Toxic" music vid.

43. Oh shit this one lights up!

44. Woah woah woah, what? Finale? Is this over already?

45. The audience also seems confused by the abrupt finish.

46. Lovely. I think what I've really taken away from this that I should learn to treat my body like the temple it is.

47. Nah, jk Victoria's Secret. See you a year from now, cheeseburger in hand.

Instagram: @victoriassecret

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