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    The UK Simply Isn't Built For Snow, So Here's 27 Snow-Friendly Products To Make Life A Bit Easier RN

    Alexa play 'Let it Snow, but not too hard'... what do you mean that isn't a song?!

    1. I saw enough people on my snowy morning walk attempting to chip away at big mounds of snow on their windshield to realise this two-in-one ice scraper and snow brush would feel like a godsend when you're in a rush.

    2. And if you're after something more compact for general icy mornings, this lil' car ice scraper does what it says on the tin for under three quid.

    3. Why is it only ever when you've already stepped out for a frosty walk that you realise how much you could do with a pair of snow boots? These Mountain Warehouse ones are as chic as they are practical!

    4. If you get *really* cold feet then you should probably slip on these Heat Holders socks. They'll hold in as much warmth as possible!

    5. These genius thermal gloves are touchscreen friendly and have anti-slip silicone palms, so you'll have optimum control over your snowballs and can use your phone to take scenic snow pics – all while keeping your hands warm!

    6. But if you've spent hours out in the snow, your hands can still get freezing cold (and inevitably dry) through your gloves. Enter: this Burt's Bees cream which is super moisturising and smells like lavender and honey!

    7. If the 24,281 reviews are anything to go by, this Orolay thickened down coat is hands ~down~ the best winter warmer you'll ever invest in!

    8. You know this heavy-duty snow shovel will come in handy every year.

    9. I can't imagine anything better after a snow day than coming home and snuggling up in this ultra-oversized fluffy hoodie. It literally feels like a walking hug!

    10. And this wearable blanket has a cosy foot pocket and snuggly sleeves so you don't have to sacrifice warmth for convenience (AKA reaching your cuppa) when you're bundled up on the sofa.

    11. Speaking of which, what's the point of even having an epic snowball fight if you can't cosy down with a cup of hot choc afterwards? These hot chocolate spoons are fun for the whole family and each portion comes with mini marshmallows!

    12. This winter-friendly car duo is essential for the colder months! It includes a fast-acting de-icer spray and a winter screen wash that's effective down to -5°C.

    13. Swap your hole-filled summer Crocs with these fluffy lined ones which are just as (if not more) comfortable. Their waterproof base makes them great for popping into the snowy garden, but maybe not for longer walks.

    14. If you want to give the footwear you already own a wet weather-friendly upgrade, why not try these slip-on shoe covers? They're waterproof and have a grippy base!

    15. And for those of you that slip over at the mere sight of a snowy pavement: I'm just gonna leave these universal fit shoe grips right here. They have lil' metal spikes on the base to give you a much sturdier stride.

    16. Prevent your lips from getting dry and chapped with this Burt's Bees vanilla bean lip balm.

    17. And if your skin becomes unbearably dry at the first sign of frost, this hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid serum might just be your new best friend.

    18. There's nothing cosier than slipping your feet into these microwaveable booties after a walk in the snow. They'll keep you cosy while you're at your WFH desk and smell like French lavender!

    19. Rub this warming balm into your cold, tired muscles after a day of walking (okay, playing) in the snow.

    20. I'm not saying you need to wrap yourself up into a literal burrito after your warm bath, I'm just saying if you did want to, this giant tortilla blanket exists.

    21. This long microwavable wheat bag is as great for warming your frozen feet and hands as it is for soothing cramps. Also can we please talk about the gorgeous winter-friendly print?

    22. Once I bought this Repel umbrella I've never looked back! You can open it with the push of a button (great for when you're juggling multiple items in a sudden snowstorm), and it has yet to cave in during particularly strong winds.

    23. This AA Winter Car Kit includes a folding snow shovel, torch, foil blanket, and more. It's great to have in your car in case you break down in the snow!

    24. If you want to weather-proof your shoes and outerwear, this genius water repellant spray will make water and snow literally slide off fabrics usually prone to water stains – all for under eight quid!

    25. Keep your ears warm with these unreasonably luxe-looking ear muffs.

    26. Stocking up on these long-sleeved thermal T-shirts is always a good idea (especially since they'll go with absolutely everything!).

    27. Finally, want to feel like you're slipping into a basket of warm buns when you get into bed after a cold day? I'd like to introduce you to this electric blanket. It has elastic fittings, so it won't slide around your mattress under your sheets!