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    Wayfair's Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Coming Soon – Here's What To Expect

    I'd start putting your fave bits in your basket now if I were you!

    If you know anything about Wayfair, you'll probably already be obsessed with their website, which offers a HUGE selection of affordable homeware buys to suit any style! Well what if I were to tell you that the famous WayDay sale – AKA their biggest sale of the year – is dropping this week?

    Yup! On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th April Wayfair will offer their lowest prices of the year across their broad selection of furniture, lighting, decor, outdoor pieces, and more!

    To top it off you'll get FREE delivery on absolutely everything to most areas in the UK! Here are some things I am personally hoping end up being discounted, starting with this floral duvet cover set.

    This woven bistro set for two is almost unreasonably chic. It comes complete with chair cushions!

    If you're after a new accent mirror then might I suggest adding this metal framed round one to your basket, just in case it's reduced further in the sale?

    This monochrome printed shaggy rug will suit basically any style of decor.

    I'm *obsessed* with the deep green colour of this three-seater velvet sofa. It also comes in a few other equally chic shades!

    And the same goes for this luxe-looking wall clock!

    Can we please take a moment to appreciate the luxurious marble effect and gold tone accents of this beautiful desk?

    If you want to make your bedroom look more mature and minimal, you can't go wrong with this sleek black bed frame.

    And this tufted polka dot duvet cover set is *just* the right mix of playful and chic.

    If you adore a loveseat as much as I do, you'll probably also be hoping this stunning oyster-style one is in the sale!

    Here's hoping you'll make even more of a saving on this gorgeous six-seater garden dining set. It comes complete with a parasol!

    Switch up your WFH sitch with this sleek desk that features three handy drawers!

    I simply cannot get over the on-trend rattan detailing on this two-door wardrobe.

    And this watercolour poppy printed canvas is the perfect piece to brighten up your home for spring.

    Check back at BuzzFeed Shopping on Wednesday 27th April to find our roundups of the very best WayDay deals!

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