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    17 Under-The-Radar Beauty Products That Customers Say Gave Them Impressive Results

    You might have not heard about these already, but you definitely should!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

    Amazon, Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed

    I use this nail polish top coat myself and can personally vouch for its impressively fast-drying and chip-resistant properties! You simply have to paint it over your (still wet) nail polish and wait a few minutes for a super speedy manicure that lasts! If all this sounds a bit *too* good to be true, you can read about how I put it to the test for two weeks!

    Price: £7.99

    2. Éclat Vitamin C serum

    Amazon / Via

    This surprisingly cheap serum uses an optimal (20%) concentration of vitamin C – along with other naturally healing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil – to hydrate and plump the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fight breakouts! Customers love the fast-absorbing consistency and claim they've seen significant results in as little as a few days!

    Price: £6.87

    3. Illuva eyebrow razors

    Amazon / Via

    You can use these lil' razors to keep your brows looking defined, and they're also great for removing peach fuzz and exfoliating your skin (also known as dermaplaning). Customers say they're super easy to use – they appreciate how the guards prevent accidental cuts, and that the sharp blade makes removing hair and dead skin easy!

    Price: £3.99 for a pack of six.

    4. Aliver gold powder eye masks

    Amazon / Via

    They're made with 24K gold powder and infused with collagen and other minerals to help speed up cell and collagen rejuvenation! Customers say these little guys have helped to reduce dark circles, de-puff under-eye bags, and improve the appearance of wrinkles over time. You get loads for your money so they should last you for ages, too!

    Price: £9.99 for 25 pairs.

    5. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

    Amazon / Via

    This clay mask is a mastermind at deep pore cleansing! It comes in powder form, which you can mix with water or apple cider vinegar – depending on your how sensitive your skin is – to help improve your skin's texture and treat spots. Customers say they saw a noticeable improvement in their skin after just a few uses!

    Price: £24.99

    6. Sun Prive Australian pink clay mask

    Amazon / Via

    This complexion-clearing mask promises to help fade acne scars, get rid of clogged pores, and make your skin *glow*. If you've always wanted to try an Australian pink clay mask, this one is an affordable option. With 772 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating, customers are clearly obsessed!

    Price: £16.99

    7. Dots for Spots

    Amazon / Via

    These little acne patches are translucent, so not only will they create a seal over your spot – offering it protection from the buildup of dirt and any inevitable picking – they'll also offer some coverage so you don't have to irritate the spot further with makeup.

    Price: £5.99 for a pack of 24 dots.

    8. Superfood Eyelash Growth Serum

    Amazon / Via

    Customers swear they've seen a noticeable improvement in the thickness, length, and density of their eyelashes with regular use of this serum. The hypoallergenic formula encourages new lash and brow hairs to grow back that are thicker, healthier, and more robust (so they won't fall out as easily!).

    Price: £17.99

    9. Eylure DYBROW eyebrow dye kit

    Amazon / Via

    If you've embraced the ~au naturel~ look when it comes to wearing makeup but still like to have something on your brows, this at-home dye kit is perfect! It's quick and easy to use, saving you from having to touch up your brows constantly throughout the day!

    Price: £6.50 for the kit, which you can use for up to 12 applications.

    10. Revitale Salicylic Acid Scrub Soap

    Amazon / Via

    This soap helps to fight spots, soften your skin, and exfoliate your pores. Customers say it's great for treating hormonal and cystic acne, and have seen a major difference within a couple of days!

    Price: £5.49

    11. StarDust Galactic Peel-Off Masks

    Amazon / Via

    These peel-off masks are infused with skin-loving ingredients like tea tree, activated charcoal, and kaolin clay to treat a multitude of skin concerns. They also use biodegradable glitter for a sparkly ~galactic~ effect and a truly Insta-worthy facial experience!

    Price: £6.99 for a pack of five mixed masks, or £1.49 each.

    12. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    Amazon / Via

    This lip mask is very thick, so you'll only need to use a small amount each night. Customers say this has helped enormously with their super dry and cracked lips, it comes in beautiful packaging, and it smells like berries – what's not to love?!

    Price: £12.70

    13. Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Deep Repair Hair Mask

    Amazon / Via

    This mask is ideal for severely damaged hair (lockdown DIY experimenters, I'm looking at you!) Customers claim that this made even the weakest of dry ends feel soft and smooth, without weighing the hair down or making it greasy!

    Price: £8.78

    14. Main Thing Scalp and Hair Cleansing Mask for Hair Loss Protection

    Amazon / Via

    This mask uses natural ingredients like ghassoul mineral clay, castor oil, and ginseng to deeply cleanse the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils, encouraging new hair to grow. According to customers, their hair felt softer, thicker, and ~properly~ clean after using this!

    Price: £6.70

    15. RoC Daily Resurfacing facial discs

    Amazon / Via

    These little pads are a quick and easy way to remove face makeup and cleanse your skin. With a 4.7-star average rating from 1,488 reviews, customers swear their skin feels refreshed and genuinely ~glowy~ after every use, and that their fine lines have reduced over time!

    Price: £16.56 for 28 discs.

    16. Folai foot file pedicure kit

    Amazon / Via

    Give yourself an at-home pedicure with this kit – it comes with what can only be described as a gentle cheese grater for the tough skin on your feet (which doesn't hurt a bit, BTW!), along with a double-ended file to smooth the skin, and a cuticle tool to refine the edges of your nails. You just need to soak your feet in warm water beforehand to soften the skin, and prepare to be amazed at the results!

    Price: £11.99 for the three-piece kit.

    17. O'Keefe's Healthy Feet foot cream

    Amazon / Via

    If your feet get super dry in the summer months and you want some extra maintenance between pedicures, then you can slather this concentrated cream on your heels before bed to wake up to smoother and more hydrated feet!

    Price: £7.82