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    19 Products That Actually Helped Me Achieve My Goals Recently

    Who'd have thought a cute teacup could help me stay hydrated?

    ✨ The Goal ✨ – to save money by doing things myself.

    1. I already enjoyed doing DIY manicures, but this incredible top coat makes the whole process faster, more professional-looking, and gives me longer lasting results!

    2. And this instant cuticle remover gel helps me to get salon-worthy results in a fraction of the time!

    3. I used to spend a fortune on lash lifts at the salon, but now I've tried this lash lift kit I might just stick to doing them at home!

    4. This stunning marble contact paper took my WFH desk from basique to très chic.

    5. I then used this gold washi tape around the edges for a more ~luxe~ finish.

    ✨ The Goal ✨ – to get more organised.

    6. These drawer dividers meant I could *finally* sort out The Dreaded Drawer that I used to shove all my random things in.

    7. I'm someone who hates clutter, but also hates the clutter that's caused by tidying up the clutter! So I'm ashamed to say it took me a while to organise the mess of wires behind my TV – this cable tidy box made it easy though!

    8. I now store excess pan lids in these handy holders rather than letting them crash around in the cupboard.

    9. I find it difficult to properly organise my day, but this daily planner pad is so pretty, I'm actually motivated to fill it out each morning!

    ✨ The Goal ✨ – to drink more 'healthy' liquids.

    10. This water bottle's large capacity and straw mouthpiece makes it much easier to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    11. I swapped coffee for green tea a while ago, but wasn't much of a fan of the bitter taste. This matcha green tea powder has a subtle, earthy taste that I love!

    12. And call me five years old, but I actually look forward to drinking my morning tea from this stunning Frida Kahlo teacup and saucer set!

    ✨ The Goal ✨ – to reduce unnecessary waste.

    13. Since the food shop became the highlight of the week, I've been known to get brave in the fruit and veg aisle! Luckily, if I've over-purchased, these clever discs help to keep them fresher for way longer.

    14. Constantly using and throwing away disposable face masks just didn't sit right with me. So I swapped to this reusable cotton one – it's surprisingly cheap, comfy, and stylish!

    ✨ The Goal ✨ – to stay motivated to work out without the gym.

    15. It's unreal how much of a difference this microfibre yoga towel made to my home workouts!

    16. These leggings have pockets(!) so I can store my phone and keys safely while out running.

    17. And when they're in the wash I use this running belt to firmly hold all my valuables.

    ✨ The goal ✨ – to feel more comfortable driving.

    18. Since my car doesn't have a built-in satnav, this sturdy magnetic phone holder is essential!

    19. And driving in the winter brought a new problem – condensation! That is, until this dehumidifier bag stepped in to keep my windshield clear.