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    37 Things To Get If You're Planning An Epic Valentine's Night In

    You're sure to fall in love with these products!

    🌹 If you're doing up ~romance~ 🌹

    1. Scatter a trail of these rose petals through the house leading up to your bed to really ~set the mood~.

    2. And this chocolate fondue fountain is perfect for dipping in chopped-up bits of fruit and marshmallows – chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?

    3. These tealights look like teeny tiny rose buds! They're simply too cute for words.

    4. And there's always the option of these battery-operated tealights, if you don’t want to worry about open flames.

    5. This variety pack of condoms has four different styles to surprise your partner with.

    6. These alcohol-free cocktail flavoured sweets are basically the adult version of pick 'n' mix.

    7. This heart-shaped ice cube mould will add a special Valentine's Day twist to your drinks. Freeze some cranberry juice and pop the red hearts in a clear cocktail for an aesthetically-pleasing finish!

    8. You can use these heart doilies to make a breakfast in bed look more special, or to decorate the plates for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

    🌹 If you're cooking together 🌹

    9. You can enjoy Dishoom's recipes at home with this indulgent cookbook – the recipes in here take a little bit of prep and slightly longer to make, so they're perfect for a special meal that you can cook together.

    10. And you can collect both of your favourite recipes in this blank recipe book. Why not start on the night and add to it as your relationship ~warms up~?

    11. Is it even a Valentine's Day dinner if the starters aren't presented on this heart-shaped slate serving platter?!

    12. Show off your chef skills and finish off the perfect crème brûlée with this blow torch.

    13. This gin-making kit will make you feel like a proper bartender.

    14. And no Valentine's Day cocktail would be complete without a swirl of this edible cocktail glitter.

    15. These cake toppers are insanely adorable – they'll add the perfect finishing touch to your home-made bakes.

    16. You can try this hot stone grill set for a more creative way of cooking together.

    17. You can make your own stone-baked pizza at home thanks to this pizza stone set!

    18. And if you want to go super fancy and make your own pasta, you can dry it on this collapsible drying rack.

    🌹 If you're having a pamper sesh 🌹

    19. This handmade pamper set has bath bombs that expose cute little rosebuds as they fizz!

    20. Add a scoop of these Himalayan pink bath salts, which also double up as a scrub.

    21. And these mini soaps look like the most perfect roses! Just add tealights for a suitably romantic ~ambience~.

    22. The soothing effect of these nighttime sheet masks will help you both properly unwind.

    23. You can use this rose quartz roller and Gua Sha massager set to give each other bougie DIY facials.

    24. This head massager takes minimal effort for maximum stress-relieving results.

    25. If you're having a sexy singles Zoom quiz, there's surely no better way to finish a manicure than with this Galentine's-themed glitter top coat?

    🌹 If you're not sure what to do 🌹

    26. You can play this flirty card game to bring out your sensual side, and switch things up with the dare cards when you're ready to turn up the heat!

    27. These thought-provoking conversation starters will help you to connect with your partner on a ~deep~ level.

    28. And you can always get a bit silly with a quick game of Bananagrams.

    29. Is it even a cosy date night in without a classic rom com? Rustle up a quick snack with this collapsible popcorn maker that also doubles up as a bowl.

    30. And you can snuggle up together under this super fluffy blanket.

    31. You can paint each other ~au naturel~ with this painting kit that comes complete with a canvas, a proper artist's easel, and paints!

    32. And you can make cute little figurines of each other using this oven bake clay modelling set.

    🌹 If you want to make your home feel special with some Valentine's Day-friendly decor pieces 🌹

    33. This hanging garland would make an excellent backdrop for your Valentine's-themed virtual quiz night.

    34. I personally *heart* these paper plates.

    35. These string fairy lights are suitably romantic, for a more subtle bit of decoration.

    36. This neon light sign will really make it feel like love is in the air!

    37. And last but not least, add these heart-shaped sprinkles to any dessert for a final Valentine's Day touch.