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    19 Surprising Beauty Finds That Can Help Make Your Skin *Glow*

    You probably didn’t know about some of these products, but you definitely should!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Vitamin C has been used forever to help brighten, plump, and hydrate the skin – you can basically rename this serum ‘the glow maker’!

    Amazon / Via

    With over 4,700 reviews and an average rating of 4.2 stars from very happy customers, this serum rivals those from more well-known (and way more expensive) brands. The vitamin C infused in this serum helps to replace old, dull skin cells with newer, healthier ones giving you a luminous glow from within.

    Price: £14.97

    2. And customers are OBSESSED with this best-selling hyaluronic acid serum, which smooths fine lines, improves skin texture, and locks in moisture without being greasy.

    Amazon / Via

    Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient your skin needs to get that *J-Lo glow*. It works by basically infusing your skin with moisture without the need for super-rich creams, so your skin will get all the hydrating benefits without getting all clogged up. Customers love how this actually helps their other skincare products to sink into the skin better, and swear that the results from this serum genuinely exceed its price tag.

    Price: £16.95

    3. This maximum strength salicylic acid cream will help to reduce any acne or texture that is just getting in the way of your full glow potential.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers swear this stuff gets rid of stubborn acne and cystic spots that absolutely nothing else could budge! The salicylic acid works as an anti-inflammatory aid, which also helps to shed the outer layer of skin, meaning if you put a small amount of this onto your spots, it will help them to surface and heal more quickly than leaving them to their own devices.

    Price: £16.99

    4. This 100% natural advanced retinol face cream will help to smooth your fine lines and hydrate your skin for up to 72 hours!

    Amazon / Via

    This moisturiser has rave reviews from customers, who claim the results they’ve seen with continuous use rival that of much more expensive and well-known brands! The retinol formula is effective yet kind to sensitive skin, and customers appreciate the hygienic pump dispenser, which makes sure you use the right amount without wasting any product.

    Price: £19.97

    5. Are you after truly hydrated, plumped, and glowing skin? Look no further than this dragon’s blood fix plumping serum.

    Amazon / Via

    Now, dragons might not exist, but this serum’s star ingredient is probably just as magical as its name suggests – well, customers claim the effects are anyway! Infused with sap from the Croton Lechleri tree, this serum creates a protective shield around your skin to keep the moisture locked in, while letting other lotions and potions (okay, moisturisers and other skincare) penetrate through and have maximum effect on your skin.

    Price: £9.91

    6. These exfoliating night pads are saturated with a concentrated glycolic acid blend, which will help to renew and refresh your skin.

    Amazon / Via

    It works as a chemical exfoliant (which isn’t as scary as it sounds: it’s actually much more gentle on your skin than physically scrubbing it) to remove dead skin and help clear your pores from the buildup of daily grime, revealing the softer, smoother, and genuinely *glowing* skin beneath. The acid blend used in these is quite strong, so we would recommend using them sparingly: once or twice a week is plenty.

    Price: £7.47

    7. This vegan moisturiser has a blend of pure essential oils and natural antioxidants to help make your skin radiant.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers love how this anti-ageing moisturiser has a lightweight formula, but is still really moisturising. Not only does it help to reduce fine lines and plump the skin, it also helps to get rid of skin texture, giving you a smooth base to apply your makeup.

    Price: £19.95

    8. This pink clay mask is a really good dupe for the cult-favourite Sand & Sky version – and is a fraction of the price!

    Amazon / Via

    This mask’s hero ingredient is mangosteene – an Australian fruit which is packed full of that age-old glow-getter, vitamin C. It’s also bursting with antioxidants, acne-fighting ingredients, and of course pure clays, which will help to decongest and refine your pores.

    Price: £14.99

    9. This high-strength peeling solution has a 30% concentration of alpha hydroxy acids to help give you brighter skin, with a more even tone and improved texture.

    Amazon / Via

    Designed to deeply exfoliate the skin, AHAs (like glycolic acid) do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Customers report seeing immediate improvements in their skin tone and texture after using this, but warn that you probably shouldn’t use this too often as it is quite extreme. Start by keeping it on for five minutes and gradually work your way up to 10 if you have sensitive skin, and you shouldn’t have to use this more than once or twice a week.

    Price: £7.19

    10. This jade roller set will help make sure your serums and moisturisers really sink into your skin.

    Amazon / Via

    This set is made from 100% pure jade, which has a soothing effect on the skin and under eyes. With a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, customers love this set for firming the skin on their face and neck. You can use the handy help sheet to massage your face and get the lymphatic system working, which over time will give you a clearer, brighter, and (you guessed it) more glowing complexion.

    Price: £12.93

    11. And this lightweight facial oil sinks in easily, so it can be used day and night to give you the ultimate radiant glow.

    Amazon / Via

    This little-known brand have sourced 11 natural glow-inducing plant oils and packed them into easy to use, high-end-looking packaging: how kind of them. This oil is super highly rated by customers, who claim it's amazing quality for the price, smells great, and actually works!

    Price: £29.50

    12. Customers swear this wrinkle filling cream gives them a flawless complexion.

    Amazon / Via

    It claims to be a four-in-one product: as a primer, concealer, foundation, and powder, which will self-adjust to suit light to medium skin tones. Customers say the fluffy, mousse-like consistency helps to smooth the skin’s texture, and makes their skin look radiant!

    Price: £27.20

    13. This highlighter isn’t chunky or glittery, and gives more of a natural, wet-looking highlight to your cheekbones.

    Amazon / Via

    This peachy shade will look stunning on deeper skin tones, and the finely-milled formula can be dusted very lightly all over the face for an all-over glow.

    Price: £5.49

    14. And this dewy setting spray will add the perfect finishing touch to your glowy makeup look.

    Amazon / Via

    This cruelty-free setting spray contains no fragrances, parabens, or alcohol, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. The almond oil-infused formula will give you that dewy ~lewk~, but will also help to make your makeup sit more naturally on your face.

    Price: £10.00

    15. Did you know Bio Oil now has a dry skin gel formula, to make your dry skin glow without feeling greasy?

    Amazon / Via

    Customers are raving about this deeply moisturising yet lightweight formula, which works wonders on areas that you want to be moisturised but not necessarily oily.

    Price: £5.95

    16. This ultra-rich body cream will make your skin sMOOth and supple.

    Amazon / Via

    You gotta admit, you’re a little intrigued: originally formulated for use on dairy cows, this water-based, non-greasy formula creates a protective barrier over your skin to help lock in moisture. Customers claim this helped their dry, flaky, and sensitive skin to soften up when nothing else could.

    Price: £9.24

    17. This multi-use organic shea butter cream can be used everywhere to make your hair, nails, and skin glow.

    Amazon / Via

    This super-rich formula is 100% waterless, which leaves more room for the hard-working ingredients (like jojoba oil, argan oil, and unrefined raw shea butter) and also means you don’t have to use as much product, so this multi-use cream will last you AGES.

    Price: £14.49

    18. Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream is amazing, but have you tried their body cream with green tea and honey drops?!

    Amazon / Via

    Customers enjoy the large tub packaging, which makes this cream more cost-effective than the smaller tube, and they also love the cream’s sweet, citrus-y scent. But the real stars of this product are the little honey beads, which melt on contact with the skin, making it feel even more soft and supple.

    Price: £17.76

    19. And finally, this body brush has over 1,000 positive reviews and will exfoliate your body to make your skin soft and radiant.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers who have used this brush for over a year say it’s still in excellent condition, with minimal shedding. They also love how the bristles on this brush are soft enough not to hurt, but firm enough to actually have a decent exfoliating effect.

    Price: £15.16