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    People Are Obsessed With Rattan Homeware Lately, So Here's 25 Woven Products To Get You In On The Trend

    (It's me, I'm people).

    1. Firstly, this minimalistic side table is giving me serious Scandi vibes.

    2. This free-standing photo frame is the perfect mix of rustic and chic.

    3. I love how the stylish rattan element of this mirror also provides it with extra storage space!

    4. These woven storage baskets are made out of recycled paper and have no sharp edges – making them both stylish and infant-friendly!

    5. If you love the rattan style but prefer grey tones over brown, I bet this charcoal bathroom bin will be right up your street!

    6. And this matching toilet brush set might be the most fashionable WC accessory I've ever come across.

    7. This foldable basket is so versatile! Use it to store your blankets, a large plant, or spare bits and bobs.

    8. Add a natural touch to your wall decor with the help of this round bamboo mirror.

    9. These drinks coasters come in a lovely little holder. They'll look great stacked up next to your coffee table books!

    10. This laundry hamper is both pretty and practical. It has a huge 55-litre capacity, convenient handles, and a removable lid!

    11. Prop up this vintage-style room divider to give your room a luxe feel and add some extra privacy when needed.

    12. The woven edge design of these velvet pillowcases will suit your rattan furniture perfectly!

    13. These plastic open-weave storage baskets combine style with practicality.

    14. This electric wax melt warmer features a beautiful handmade rattan casing.

    15. This serving tray can be used as a charcuterie board, bread basket, drinks tray, and more!

    16. And this handmade display tray is almost unreasonably stylish.

    17. No offence to all the other tissue dispensers out there, but this refillable rattan one tops them all!

    18. Store your makeup brushes, stationery, or other bits and bobs in style thanks to this organiser box that has five storage sections.

    19. I'm more than a little bit obsessed with this light shade. It'll cast a beautiful warm glow across your room.

    20. The knotted rope detail of this chic doormat will give guests some idea of the rattan wonderland that awaits them within.

    21. This rattan bedside table is utterly gorgeous! It'll set off your neutral-themed decor nicely and includes a handy drawer.

    22. These woven barstools look incredibly elegant, and customers say they're really comfy to sit in!

    23. This patio furniture set is excellent value for money and will bring a ~refined~ look to your outdoor space.

    24. This cute footstool is hand knitted using 100% cotton rope. It'll add a fab touch to your decor and an extra seat around the coffee table!

    25. Finally, this beautiful handmade bench will make a lovely addition to your little one's nursery!