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    18 Products You Can Start Using Now If You Want To See Results In December

    Post-lockdown you will thank present you for buying all of these!

    1. This surprisingly cheap eyelash serum strengthens your natural lashes from the roots, helping them grow longer and thicker in just a few weeks!

    2. Taking six minutes a day to write in this journal encourages you to focus on being productive and mindful in your day-to-day life, which helps you work on bigger goals in the long run.

    3. This wildly popular hyaluronic acid serum will add an extra boost of hydration to your skincare routine, making your skin feel more plump and nourished over time.

    4. Save a few quid every day in this genius lil' contraption so you can treat yourself *properly* once lockdown is over!

    5. These satin pillowcases create less friction with your hair as you sleep compared to regular ones, causing way less breakage over time.

    6. Perfect a few of these yoga pose cards each day to improve your knowledge and flexibility by the end of the month.

    7. This salicylic acid exfoliating soap targets spots and clogged pores, helping to reduce breakouts with continued use.

    8. This dehumidifier absorbs all the excess moisture in the air, so damp and mould won't have a chance to develop over the winter months.

    9. Swap your regular coffee grounds for this matcha green tea powder to feel a bit less jittery and enjoy an energy boost that also has antioxidant benefits over time!

    10. Use this jade roller and Gua Sha scraper set every evening to improve your skin's elasticity, texture, and overall glowy-ness.

    11. Use this ergonomically-designed dry body brush for a few minutes every morning to get your blood circulation going and make your skin feel super soft!

    12. And now's surely a better time than ever to use this peeling foot mask?!

    13. It's a good idea to get into a routine of drinking more water to keep your body hydrated and energised, and this motivational water bottle will make that very easy.

    14. These lil' sachets will get rid of moths and keep your clothes fresh in the long run.

    15. Okay, this might take *slightly* longer than a month, but this helpful book will guide you to a new, waste-free way of living over the course of six weeks!

    16. Customers have seen impressive results from using this hair growth serum for only a few short weeks!

    17. It's important to keep up some kind of sleeping schedule, even if you're barely leaving the house right now! This clever alarm clock uses a sunset/sunrise simulation to make waking up feel as natural as possible.

    18. Finally, you can grow your own indoor herb garden with this kit!