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    26 Products You Need If You Want Your Skin To Look Like A Glazed Doughnut

    Rough skin texture? Don't know her.

    1. This powerful blackhead remover liquid cuts through dead skin cells and oil buildup to give your pores a ~proper~ deep clean without drying your skin out. It has a high concentration of salicylic acid which works wonders on breakouts, but you should start using it gradually if you have sensitive skin!

    2. NIP+FAB's super strength cleansing pads are saturated with glycolic acid, which chemically exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, create a smoother texture, and combat spots.

    3. And these Glycolic Fix pads are infused with a lower concentration of the AHA for a more gentle effect – 'cause having super sensitive skin shouldn't stop you from getting that 'glazed doughnut' glow!

    4. This super cheap hyaluronic acid serum is my go-to product for adding an extra layer of moisture. The lightweight consistency feels like water, and it has an immediate plumping effect on my skin!

    5. Dermaplaning is an easy, super satisfying way to remove dead skin and peach fuzz from your face, leaving behind an incredibly smooth base. These lil' razors are gentle, effective, and surprisingly affordable!

    6. This iconic CeraVe SA Smoothing cleanser uses salicylic acid to even out the skin's texture. It's suitable for use on the face and body, and it works wonders on those annoying lil' forehead bumps!

    7. This Dragon's Blood serum might have a scary-sounding name, but it's surprisingly gentle! It softens, plumps, and intensely hydrates the skin for an unbeatable dewy effect.

    8. It's all well and good having skin as smooth as a dolphin, but those pesky pimples love to pop up when they're least wanted. These clever acne patches conceal and heal your spots at the same time!

    9. This exfoliating soap contains salicylic acid and apricot kernels to give your skin a good scrub, unclog pores, and treat breakouts. It works wonders on bacne!

    10. If your skin suffers from razor rash, painful bumps, and ingrown hairs after shaving, this post shave balm will soothe and smooth the skin. It's specially formulated for intimate areas but can be used on the rest of your body too!

    11. This activated charcoal cleanser absorbs dirt and excess oils from your pores, minimising their appearance and giving your skin a smooth finish over time.

    12. And if you want an even deeper clean, this facial cleansing brush uses sonic vibrations and soft silicone bristles to dislodge dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

    13. This CeraVe smoothing cream is ideal for dry, rough, and bumpy skin – customers swear it helped their keratosis pilaris flareups when nothing else could!

    14. This blackhead remover vacuum is incredible. The powerful suction head draws out any gunk without damaging the surrounding skin, and the results are so grossly satisfying!

    15. This peel-off mask is SO much fun to use! It has all the pore-extracting effects of activated charcoal but is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

    16. This 100% natural body scrub is made with fine brown sugar granules which exfoliate and moisturise your skin to leave it feeling soft and rejuvenated.

    17. The silicone bristles on this double-sided shower brush work to promote blood circulation, exfoliate, and deeply clean the skin – consider it an upgrade from your basic loofah!

    18. This facial scrub is for all my glow-getters! It contains papaya and pineapple enzymes that'll clear out your pores and buff away dead skin to reveal the radiant layer beneath.

    19. This COSRX Snail Mucin Power Essence might sound unconventional, but snail mucin is one of the most effective ingredients for soothing, repairing, and softening the skin. It has a lightweight, fast-absorbing consistency that'll leave a dewy – rather than sticky – finish!

    20. Replace your boring old body wash with this Sanctuary Spa shower oil. It lathers up like a dream and you won't have to bother moisturising afterwards!

    21. This re-texturising toner exfoliates pores, accelerates cell renewal, and evens skin tone for a cleansed and glowy finish.

    22. This isn't just any old vitamin C serum! It also contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, and retinol to treat acne, discolouration, texture, and more.

    23. This jade roller and Gua Sha kit promotes lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to the face, giving your skin a ~lit from within~ glow.

    24. This derma roller tool uses micro needles to create tiny puncture holes in your skin. This promotes faster healing in the area, making it great for healing acne scars and rough skin texture.

    25. This Luminous Glow serum is infused with refreshing ginseng and maca root to give your skin an instant pick-me-up.

    26. Finally, this 3-in-1 toner helps to smooth, hydrate, and even out skin tone, and is gentle enough to be used both morning and night!