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    31 Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts Sure To Make Your Date's Heart Melt

    I bet they'll love these *almost* as much as they love you!

    1. This Da Vinci Code-esque cryptex puzzle can be reworked to make a password out of your own message! It also includes a bunch of romantic gifts inside, which you can replace with your own notes or a little gift to make it feel even more personal.

    2. Let them know you love them more than chocolate, beach holidays, or your dog (which is really saying something!) with this funny personalised card.

    3. This hand casting kit for couples is an incredibly sweet activity to do together, plus you'll be left with a gorgeous ornament to treasure throughout your relationship.

    4. Get super personal with this explosion gift box! They'll love opening each section and rediscovering another layer of the special memories that you've collated.

    5. Get 'your song' printed in soundwave form thanks to this stunning (yet surprisingly affordable) copper foil print.

    6. You can customise these boxers by printing your face all over them for a hilarious and super personal gift.

    7. I mean, who wouldn't be thrilled to unwrap this personalised box of their favourite chocolates?!

    8. If you love nothing more than stargazing together, this literal piece of a shooting star will make an incredibly romantic gift. It comes with a personalised certificate of authenticity!

    9. I am losing it over this personalised Build Me mini figure print– you can make the figures look exactly like the two of you and even add a personal note underneath!

    10. You can also add your own message to this teddy bear's lil' T-shirt! Simply too cute for words.

    11. This super sweet personalised postcode jigsaw features your area! It makes a great gift if you've just moved into a new home.

    12. Do they love football? Thought so. This football team history book will give them all the major sports reports from their beloved team.

    13. If they love nothing more than a good cuppa, they'll find this prescription tea mug both hilarious and handy.

    14. Show them how much you appreciate them making you pancakes every Sunday with this sweet personalised spatula.

    15. Give them the pamper treat they deserve with a massage, facial, and this plush bathrobe with their initial monogrammed on the front. Extra brownie points if you also get yourself one for future couples' pamper sessions!

    16. Popping this monogrammed corner bookmark inside a novel that reminds you of them is just about the most romantic gift I can think of for a bookworm.

    17. This personalised metal photo reel print is perfect if they love photography *almost* as much as they love you.

    18. This sterling silver necklace with their name on it makes for a simple yet elegant gift.

    19. And I can't quite believe the under-£10 price of this engravable leather bracelet!

    20. If they love Marmite almost as much as they love you (this is a judgement-free zone, okay?) you can ~spread the love~ by getting them this personalised jar.

    21. For a really impressive gift, you can create a LEGO mosaic portrait of their face! It's super fun to put together and they can then display it afterwards.

    22. This personalised beer tankard is actually kinda chic? It'd make a great addition to a larger hamper or gift.

    23. Their name and birthstone will feature on this beautiful necklace!

    24. This gorgeous vegan leather notebook is embossed with their initials!

    25. I think it's important that they own this pair of socks with your face printed all over them.

    26. Compile your favourite memories together in this lil' pull-out photo album.

    27. How adorable is this personalised line drawing print?!

    28. Mark a special occasion or anniversary with this sweet keyring that they can take with them everywhere.

    29. If they're obsessed with their beard above all else then they're sure to appreciate this personalised grooming kit!

    30. This exquisite pocket-sized sundial is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to travel (and the finer things in life).

    31. Finally, make *any* Valentine's gift approximately 100% better by wrapping it in this paper that has their favourite person's face printed all over it (that's you, BTW).