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    36 Personalised Mother's Day Gifts For Mums That Are Hard To Buy For

    If your mum always insists she "doesn't want anything, dear" then this is the list for you.

    1. First things first, you can fill this heart-warming book with all the reasons why you love her.

    2. You can add your own personal message to this absolutely adorable mini dried flower bouquet!

    3. You can get her favourite song printed in soundwave form thanks to this gorgeous print.

    4. Getting your family's initials engraved on this sentimental bracelet is the perfect way to represent her 'moon and stars' (AKA you and your siblings).

    5. And if you love cooking together then this family cookbook is perfect! You can fill in your favourite recipes, scrapbook-style.

    6. These personalised air fresheners will mean she can drive alongside the view of her favourite child's face (that's you, BTW).

    7. And you can fit up to four personalised mini brick figures in this quirky bit of wall art, so you can include the whole family!

    8. Speaking of wall art, switch up the standard staircase photo collection with this cool family tree ornament.

    9. If Toblerone is her favourite chocolate, then this huge bar (quite literally) has her name on it!

    10. I am losing it over this sweet little customisable wreath! It's the perfect sentimental decor piece for spring.

    11. This personalised gardening tool set is the ideal gift for your green-fingered ma.

    12. She'll adore this chic calendar that features all your favourite family moments from the last year!

    13. If your mum hates getting gifts she'll never actually use then this embossed leather Apple watch strap is as practical as it is pretty.

    14. If she loves to read *almost* as much as she loves you, then this family tree bookmark is a no-brainer of a gift.

    15. If you're on a budget then this affordable scrapbook features some luxe-looking details! Fill it with your favourite memories together for a truly heartfelt gift.

    16. I thought there was nothing better than a classic bouquet of flowers till I saw this personalised one that comes in a sweet gift bag!

    17. She can take this leather photo collage keyring with her everywhere she goes!

    18. And if she's more of a 'keepsake box' type, she'll love this pull out-style mini photo album.

    19. You can get her favourite family picture printed onto this high-quality canvas.

    20. If her favourite thing about going on holiday is wrapping herself up in those fluffy spa towels then give her a taste of luxury with her very own monogrammed one.

    21. This is just about the most beautiful scented candle I've ever seen! It features a wooden wick that crackles cosily as it burns, and you can add a personal message on the side!

    22. Let your mum release her inner child with this chocolate smash cake that's filled with mini marshmallows!

    23. She'll never want to take off this luxe kimono robe! It features a beautiful floral pattern and comes already wrapped in a personalised gift box.

    24. And if she's all about the comfort, she'll adore this incredibly cosy bath robe that you can customise with her initial or name.

    25. Adorn this cute mug with a collage of your favourite family pictures.

    26. Let her know it's alright that her favourite child is of the furry variety by getting her this custom pet portrait.

    27. She can *finally* get the best pick of the Milk Tray with her very own box!

    28. If gin is her favourite tipple then she's sure to appreciate this regal-looking monogrammed gin glass.

    29. And if she prefers her cuppas to her champagne then you can still give her an indulgent treat with this set of sparkling tea and truffles.

    30. This lovely charm-adorned necklace contains a meaningful message from you to her.

    31. And putting your initial on this diamond pendant is optional (but highly encouraged).

    32. I can't think of anybody who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this personalised can cake!

    33. She'll get so much use out of this monogrammed jute shopping bag.

    34. And the same goes for this gorgeous wooden trinket dish!

    35. This monogrammed leather diary is perfect for your highly-organised mum.

    36. Finally, make sure she knows *exactly* who put all that effort into choosing her the perfect gift by wrapping it with this paper that has your face printed all over it!