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    36 More Bargain Buys Under £6 That You Might Actually Get Some Use Out Of

    Spending less is NOT synonymous with buying rubbish.

    1. These rabbit cable organisers will hold up your headphones, and make sure your charger doesn't get lost in the mass of wires under your desk.

    2. This quirky wooden ornament will jazz up your coffee table while holding your glasses...

    3. ...which are probably constantly smudgy – so keep them clean with this glasses cleaning brush (which is really hard to find on the high-street!)

    4. And this cute lil' rack will hold your makeup sponge when you're not using it – keeping it hygienic in the process!

    5. This compact mirror is designed to look like a cookie! Before you try to eat it, you can use the mini comb inside to stay tidy while you're on the go.

    6. These chirpy key rings are magnetic, so will sit securely in their little home and prevent you from losing your keys.

    7. This peeler is insanely highly rated – with an average of 4.8 stars and 3,453 reviews. It has an easy-grip handle, sharp blades, and is easy to manoeuvre around even the most interestingly-shaped potato.

    8. And there will be no need to use a saucer if you have this curved spoon (A.K.A. every tea lover's new best friend).

    9. This powerful cream cleaner is all you'll need to remove those tough stains without the need for too much scrubbing!

    10. The quality of this 100% pure lavender essential oil is really impressive for the price! Just add a couple of drops to your bath or essential oil diffuser to calm your mind and soothe your senses.

    11. This galaxy print mouse mat is waterproof, comes in a comfy, spongy material, and will bring a little bit of colour to your desk.

    12. This copper tongue scraper is naturally anti-microbial and will help keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh.

    13. These stainless steel straws are reusable, so you'll be helping to reduce your waste and saving money in the long run!

    14. This accurate cocktail shot measurer is double-ended so you can pour out both singles and doubles with ease, and the sleek design will help you to really show off your cocktail-making skills.

    15. And this cocktail-mixing spoon with a built-in muddler will take your skills from amateur to pro!

    16. This sleeping mask has a soft, breathable fabric which customers swear can't be beat on the price.

    17. If you value your privacy but also enjoy the occasional Skype call, these webcam covers have a sleek slider design so you can expose your camera with one simple swipe.

    18. This sleek and durable phone stand looks (and feels) way more expensive than it is!

    19. And this car phone holder will slot easily into your air vents and has a magnet that is slim enough to slide under your phone case, but still powerful enough to hold your phone securely.

    20. This expanding stand will hold a strong grip to your phone or tablet, so you can hold it more securely with one hand and stand it up whenever you need to.

    21. These fearless cats will heroically hold your phone when you have to rush off (or y’know, while you’re watching Netflix).

    22. These pens that are specially designed for use on your touch screen devices (meaning no more messy fingerprints everywhere!)

    23. For my fellow clumsy typers, this keyboard cover will protect your laptop from the inevitable coffee spill, and the washable material also helps to keep your keyboard clean from the daily build up of dust.

    24. This massage roller ball has 360-degree ball movement, so it glides easily to help relieve your tight and sore muscles without having to fork out for an expensive massage.

    25. You can plug this mini desk fan straight into your laptop or computer to help keep it (or yourself) from overheating.

    26. This Homer Simpson decal sticker will spice up your MacBook.

    27. Or if you’re after something more subtle, you can get this super realistic apple sticker.

    28. These satin scrunchies have less friction than other fabrics, so are super kind to your hair and they come in every colour you could think of.

    29. This eyebrow dye kit is really easy to use and (with a steady hand) actually gives really professional-looking results! You can get up to 12 applications out of one kit, so it can help you save on expensive trips to the salon.

    30. Okay, we might have gone a penny over the limit with this primer BUT it will give you a smooth base for applying your makeup and it's infused with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to plump your skin and give it a healthy boost.

    31. This transparent nail polish will help to stop you from biting your nails...

    32. And this one will help the weakest of brittle nails to become strong and healthy.

    33. If you suffer from a flaky scalp as the weather gets colder, this anti-dandruff shampoo claims to give you visible results in only two weeks!

    34. These blister patches will prevent rubbing and offer instant pain relief, so they'll be your best friend in any blister-related emergency.

    35. This foot cream is super highly-rated, 'cause taking care of your feet is important in the winter months, too!

    36. Finally, this cheap and cheerful water bottle is way less wasteful (and less expensive) than buying disposable bottles of water.

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