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    Just 32 Bargain Buys Under £6 That You Can Actually Get Some Use Out Of

    Bringing a new meaning to "cheap and cheerful".

    1. This lil' pug will make making a cuppa so much more fun.

    2. And these lips will help you to reduce waste by getting ALL of the toothpaste out of the tube.

    3. This cotton bud dispenser will brighten up your bathroom cabinet.

    4. And this is the Mary Poppins' bag of makeup organisers: it will hold EVERYTHING.

    5. These pointy cotton swabs are specially designed to clean teeny tiny (and dirty) spaces.

    6. This smartphone holder has a hole in the bottom so you can stand your phone up while it charges.

    7. And this friendly and flexible desk stand will hold your phone and your tablet.

    8. This cord organiser will fit neatly into your bag and mean no more tangled wires!

    9. This sticky silicone pad will stop your phone and keys from sliding all over your dashboard.

    10. And these little animals will protect the most vulnerable part of your wires from splitting.

    11. Baby Groot is on hand to help you hold your pencils and little plants.

    12. And this bee brooch looks way more expensive than under a quid!

    13. This microwaveable heat pack is made from 100% natural wheat and lavender, so it will warm you up and help you to de-stress.

    14. This tiny spatula will help you to scoop out that last bit of peanut butter when your butter knife just won't cut it.

    15. You can pour a little vinegar and water into this angry mother and heat her up to make the stains in your microwave so much easier to remove.

    16. Channel your inner Mrs. Hinch with this antibacterial cleaning pad. It has a side for washing up and one for wiping surfaces down, so has pretty much all the cleaning bases covered!

    17. You can massage in your eye cream with this eye roller, which is way more gentle on your skin than using your fingers.

    18. These bun makers will help you get the perfect up-do every time!

    19. And this hair taming stick will smooth away pesky flyaways, tone down those annoying bumps, and get rid of static hair.

    20. These eyeshadow shields will prevent fallout and give you the perfect guide for your eyeliner.

    21. You only need water to remove ALL of your makeup with these super soft makeup remover cloths.

    22. This deep burgundy lipstick will complete your autumn vampy ~lewk~ and won't dry out your lips like darker lipsticks sometimes do.

    23. And this exfoliating lip scrub is shaped like a lipstick, making it more hygienic and easier to use – after all, chapped lips season is coming up!

    24. This eyeshadow palette has over 1,000 rave reviews, and is under a fiver!

    25. And this primer will minimise your pores and give you a smooth base for your foundation.

    26. These blackhead extractor tools will help you get rid of all the gunk in your pores, and they're rose gold coloured which makes them considerably less gross.

    27. These silicone spatulas will mean you can apply face masks, moisturisers, and serums in a much more hygienic way.

    28. This lil' bag holder will keep your handbag safe and curls back into a mini disk when you're not using it, so is easy to carry around.

    29. And for an extra bit of security, this phone ring has a drop-free grip, will fit on any sized phone or tablet, and is under £3!

    30. You can get this food can strainer if you can't stand smelly tuna water touching your hands.

    31. And this set of mini colanders will make healthy eating for one way more easy.

    32. Finally, this insulated bag, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.