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    26 Truly Hygge-Worthy Products To Buy If You're Excited For The Cosiest Season Of The Year

    It's time to bring out the fluffy blankets, scented candles, and pumpkin soup recipes!

    1. Stimulate meaningful conversations with your loved ones thanks to The Hygge Game. Simply add some warm drinks and tasty snacks for the cosiest night in imaginable.

    2. I simply cannot get over the fact that this ceramic bowl is shaped like a pumpkin! It even has a lid to keep your seasonal soup warm.

    3. This oversized jumper is basically a fluffy blanket in hoodie form! It has a super-soft sherpa lining, and I can guarantee you'll have it on a wash/wear/repeat cycle till March.

    4. It's almost impossible to create ~cosy vibes~ without some form of fairy lights. These ones live on a chic copper wire that'll complement any style of decor, and you'll get a surprising amount for your money!

    5. If you're *really* serious about getting to grips with the Danish art of living well, The Little Book of Hygge will help with that. It's full of original research on the cosy concept and ideas to help you embrace it into your life.

    6. This 'cosy night in' essential oil releases the soothing scents of cedarwood, cinnamon, lavender, and ylang ylang. Put a few drops into your diffuser to create a calming vibe in your room.

    7. This teeny-tiny diffuser has a colour-changing light function and plugs right into your laptop, so you can bring the cosy vibes to your WFH space.

    8. I can't think of anything more relaxing than working your way through this Enchanted Forest colouring book. The intricate illustrations will keep you happily occupied for ages.

    9. I don't think I need to explain why these extremely fluffy slippers are included in this list! As if their cosiness wasn't enough, they also have a sturdy base and an incredibly chic design.

    10. This lovely book has TONS of recipes for comfort food, warming drinks, and more!

    11. And these chef's candles help to neutralise any ~interesting~ cooking aromas. 'Cause it's hard to enjoy your comforting spag bol with the smell of fried onions still lingering around!

    12. This stylish diffuser will fill your room with the soothing scents of cinnamon, rose, and patchouli instead!

    13. This is *possibly* the cosiest and most calming mug I have ever seen.

    14. I can't believe that this teddy fleece duvet cover set 1) exists, and 2) is so incredibly affordable! It'll literally feel like you're sleeping on a cosy cloud.

    15. Dot these apple and cinnamon-scented tealights around your home to fill it with autumnal scents and flickering flames – AKA the recipe for cosiness.

    16. Make bath time as relaxing and enjoyable as possible thanks to this bamboo caddy. It extends to fit basically any sized tub, and even has a place to hold your glass of wine, candle, and book!

    17. And you can wash away a stressful day by soaking in some of this Feather & Down bath essence. It's packed full of calming essential oils to help you get a great night's sleep.

    18. Add a sprinkle of these sandalwood and cinnamon-infused bath salts for a final hygge flourish.

    19. This wild fig and cassis candle has a wooden wick that'll let off a comforting crackle as it burns – just think of it as your own lil' fireplace.

    20. And if you want the ~effect~ of a candle without any safety hazards, these chic flameless candles have flickering bulbs that look just like the real thing!

    21. This stylish-yet-cosy tufted cushion ticks all the hygge boxes!

    22. Trust me, the whole family will end up fighting over this fleece blanket! It's super warming but quite lightweight, so you can fold it into a compact package when you're not using it.

    23. This handmade macramé wall hanging will brighten up the darkest corner of your room with its gorgeous design and twinkling LED lights.

    24. Use these endlessly comforting essential oils in your bath, diffuser, or to fragrance your DIY beauty products.

    25. This 100% natural Himalayan salt lamp gives off a warm glow when lit, perfect for your favourite Cosy Corner.

    26. Finally, turn on this electric blanket before hopping into bed – it'll feel like you're being enveloped in a huge hug every evening. 'Cause there's no room for cold toes in a hygge lifestyle!