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    27 Brilliant Buys That Support Women-Owned Brands This International Women's Day

    Who run the world?

    This International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting a few women-owned brands you can shop from – 'cause if you ever needed an excuse to support these incredible businesses, this very special day should be it! Read on to find out about a few products we're obsessed with:

    Founded by friends Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, Glow Recipe is a Korean-inspired skincare brand which focuses on glowing, healthy skin powered by antioxidant-rich fruits and clinical actives.

    1. Their truly Insta-worthy packaging make the products just as adorable as they are effective, and I think their Strawberry Smooth BHA + AHA salicylic acid serum illustrates my point perfectly (I mean, just look at the lil' strawberry-shaped glass bottle it comes in!).

    2. Their Plum Plump Hyaluronic cream has a lightweight whipped gel consistency for an ultra-nourishing effect without feeling at all heavy.

    3. And I can't imagine a better treat for your skin than their cult-status Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment. Leave a thin layer on overnight and wake up to bouncy, refreshed, and super hydrated skin in the morning!

    Modibodi create leak-proof clothing for anybody who experiences periods, bladder leaks, sweat, pregnancy, and post-partum. The brand was founded by Kirsty Chong as an alternative for disposable hygiene products, which she found to be "ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable, often unreliable, and bad for the environment".

    4. I'm a huge fan of their fun designs, including these colourful period-friendly bikini bottoms. They have a moderate-heavy absorbency, so you can lounge in the sun and take a swim in comfort – even on days when your flow is heavier!

    5. And their brilliant new All-Gender range features period-proof underwear designed for all people who menstruate. Inclusive by design, the collection features briefs, boxers, shorts, and more – so nobody has to sacrifice the comfort, convenience, and eco-friendly design of period-proof undies to compensate for their preference in underwear style! I love these classic boxers with a heavy-overnight absorbency.

    6. And their absorbent attire doesn't end there! If you’re sick of constantly sweating in your sleep, they've just released these ModiCool™ PJs which feature a sweat-wicking material, making them perfect for the warmer months ahead (or if your room just gets really hot at night). The set is super lightweight, soft, and flowy, and they actually look pretty flattering when worn too.

    7. Founded by Nicola Elliott, NEOM specialises in luxury candles, bath, body and skincare products that offer affordable aromatherapeutic benefits – basically anything you could want for a luxe pamper sesh! Their Perfect Night's Sleep pillow mist helps me to properly unwind and drift off peacefully.

    8. And their Happiness scented candle makes the perfect pick-me-up gift – and yes, that includes to yourself!

    9. Their essential oil blends are just as popular as their scented candles, and the Wellbeing Pod diffuser doesn't just look gorgeous, it'll also fill your home with the lush soothing or uplifting fragrances of their signature blends.

    Founded by sisters Huda and Mona Kattan, brands Huda Beauty and Kayali both aim to empower the people that use their products and influence the community to feel beautiful in their own skin.

    10. Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Luminous Matte concealer has a lightweight, blendable formula that doesn't compromise on coverage or staying power.

    11. The Empowered eyeshadow palette features buttery-smooth golds, coppers, browns, and neutrals, and you can scan the QR code embedded on the front of the palette for exclusive uplifting content from Huda!

    12. And if you're a fan of sweet scents, Kayali's bestselling Vanilla perfume is the one for you!

    Co-Owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies, Anabel Kindersley is a passionate herbal advocate and organic enthusiast and has been a voice for positive change in the beauty industry. This is of course reflected in her brand's products, which uses natural, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients in its products.

    13. Their Frankincense Intense™ Lift cream would make an excellent Mother's Day gift, if you ask me!

    14. And I wouldn't be without their almond oil – it comes in a luxe glass bottle and keeps my skin hydrated, brightens my under eye area, and nourishes and strengthens my lashes and brows!

    Founded by Rokeya Khanum, Khanum's is known for their luxe pearl detailing and striking silhouettes which offer a timeless style with an on-trend feel to their pieces – so you'll basically get the best of both worlds in terms of style and longevity!

    15. I am utterly *obsessed* with this elegant pearl-trimmed maxi dress.

    Founder and CEO of SAIE, Laney Crowell is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating more opportunities for women to succeed. Aside from their innovative formulas and inclusive marketing strategy, the brand shows its commitment to social responsibility by taking part in initiatives like the #ForEVERYBODY campaign which supports the pursuit of reproductive freedom.

    16. Their Sun Melt cream bronzer is a bestseller for a reason, with four versatile shades that look super natural on the skin.

    17. And the Dew cream blush will help you nail the liquid blush trend, giving your skin a luminous glow while you're at it!

    The UK rental apparel market is booming ATM, and that's in no small part thanks to brilliant brands like By Rotation! Founder Eshita Kabra-Davies started the business in an effort to reduce the effects of textile waste and raise awareness for sustainability within the fashion industry. So if you're looking for a way to be kinder to your wardrobe, the environment, and your purse strings, then look no further – there are some truly stunning pieces available to rent for as little as a few quid!

    18. I don't know about you, but I have a dizzying amount of weddings to attend this summer (and I don't plan on buying new outfits for them all – if any!). This Lirika Matoshi heart-print dress rental is simply stunning and a fraction of the price compared to buying it outright!

    And another brilliant way to reduce clothing waste is by getting the pieces you currently own altered, repaired, or otherwise upcycled with bespoke tailoring service The Seam. Founded by Layla Sargent, the award-winning business connects you with their team of talented Makers to extend the life of garments you already own, so that you can cherish them for years to come!

    19. I got a few of my clothes tailored with them, and I think you'll agree that this dress was made even more stunning (as well as more comfortable) by the new additions! Together with my brilliant maker Sarah we decided to add a lace-up detail in place of its rigid zip fastening, so the dress could grow with me and the boned corset style wasn't compromised. Needless to say, it made the dress feel even more special, and I'll even be able to re-wear it in the years to come!

    BREAD Beauty Supply, founded by Maeva Heim, aims towards greater accessibility and representation in the haircare industry. Building on her experience gained working in her mother's hair salon as a youth, Heim developed a line of high-quality products created intentionally for people of colour, and we've picked out our faves for you below!

    20. Not only do these multi-tasking oils come in the most adorable packaging, they're also super nourishing so will leave her hair and skin soft, moisturised, and radiant, AND are powered by natural and sustainably sourced ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Jojoba Oil.

    French-born Charlotte Lansard founded clothing brand Annie Officiel to 'outfit the women of today'. True to form, the pieces emit a sense of understated elegance, with a signature palette of muted shades and simple silhouettes that transcend trends.

    21. This classic cami is made of the finest Italian silk in a gorgeous chocolate brown shade.

    22. And I can't think of a more timeless style than this elegant black slip dress! It's double lined at the chest for extra support and coverage, and is cinched in at the waist to accentuate a soft hourglass shape.

    Founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nina S. Naidu, skincare brand Anokha aims to achieve clinical results with clean ingredients! The range features beautifully-packaged cleansers, lotions, serums and oils, all designed to fit seamlessly into your current skincare routine.

    23. Their Jasmine serum layers sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and (of course) jasmine to promote an unreal dewy glow.

    24. And their Oatmeal cleansing milk is the stuff of sensitive skin dreams! It includes gentle exfoliating extracts to leave the skin feeling super smooth and hydrated.

    If you're always on the lookout for new modest styles, allow me to introduce you to NIA. Founded by Tasnia Begum, the modest fashion brand creates handcrafted, chic styles, with a focus on sustainable, high-quality materials and exquisite tailoring.

    25. I adore this classic brown trench-style abaya that can be layered up now and thrown over a lightweight outfit once it starts to get warmer.

    Founded by Justine Roach, La Pochette make practical accessories with a focus on convenience and style – think: travel, workout, and swimming-friendly pieces.

    26. I'm a huge fan of their sweat bag – a lightweight gym bag insert that is perfect for packing your damp or sweaty clothing post-gym alongside your laptop and other work-related bits. It has handy outer pockets for your toiletries and I'm *obsessed* with the pink and red colourway!

    Ozohu Adoh founded luxury skincare brand EPARA in order to revolutionise beauty conversations about the unique needs of women of colour. The nourishing, protective formulas feel and look incredibly luxe.

    27. Their debut Frank candle makes for the ultimate indulgent self-care treat! It smells *divine*, lasts ages, and looks so gorgeous it basically doubles up as decor.