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    13 Incredible Female-Owned Businesses To Support This International Women's Day

    Who run the world?

    If you ever needed an excuse to support women-owned brands, this very special day should be it. And just in case you needed a bit of inspo, read on to find out about a few companies I discovered recently and am now obsessed with!

    1. Dearcurves

    2. GNGR Bees

    3. The Afro Hair and Skin Co.

    4. Labadi Studios

    5. Tringa's Prints

    6. Bespoke Binny

    7. Crochet with Shan

    8. The Little Worne Store

    9. Omi Na-Na

    10. Afroani

    11. Carra

    12. Elizabeth Scarlett

    13. Blostma + Merewif

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    What's your favourite female-owned business that you think others need to hear about? Share the love in the comments below!