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    45 Amazing Small Brands You Can Check Out This Year And Beyond

    Small brands, big impact.

    Last year was difficult to say the least, and I spent it trying to appreciate the little things – going on walks with my mum, perfecting my bread-making skills, and discovering tons of amazing UK-based small brands to shop from!

    Some of these brands have flourished while others have struggled during these turbulent times, but one thing remains true for all: consumer support – especially via their online platforms – is more important than ever.

    Shopping from independent businesses isn’t just good for your conscience, either – their products and services tend to be of a high quality, sustainable, eco friendly, and crafted with love (usually accompanied by a personal note to boot)!

    So I've rounded up a few of these fab brands below, just in case you needed a little inspo:

    1. Bookshop.org

    2. Kuki Candles

    3. Happy’s Bakery

    4. Emolyne Cosmetics

    5. Jacqueline Colley

    6. Sarv's Slice

    7. Ninety Percent

    8. Yope

    9. ST Essentials

    10. Black Sunrise

    11. Evermade

    12. Guy Morgan Apothecary

    13. My Positivity Cards

    14. Basicly

    15. Nabz Saad

    16. The Norah Store

    17. Chinutayco

    18. Kiya Cosmetics

    19. Gardners Cookies

    20. Kaniya Cares

    21. Talula Little

    22. TALOU

    23. Aronsè Cosmetics

    24. Sancho's

    25. Télle Moi

    26. Dogsnug

    27. BeardConnecx

    28. PRICK

    29. Luliu

    30. Sister & Co.

    31. Tribal Unicorn

    32. Beevive

    33. Conservatory Archives

    34. Jollie's Socks

    35. Hvndmxde

    36. Bec & Bon

    37. Discovered Beauty

    38. Amanita Designs

    39. Nai.tural Organic Skincare

    40. We Are Hairy People

    41. West Room Aesthetics

    42. Just Daydreaming

    43. Island Play Cosmetics

    44. Awa Bittaye

    45. Urban Proverb

    From shoppable websites to Instagram pages that’ll point you in the right direction, there are lots of platforms that do all the hard small-brand-finding work for you – here are just a few of them:

    Jamii ✨ – for making buying from black-owned brands easier than ever! You can get their discount card for money off tons of businesses (including Black Sunrise, Kiya Cosmetics, Nabz Saad, and much more).

    Buyitblackowned ✨ – for more incredible black-owned businesses you can support!

    Know The Origin ✨ – for a reliable roundup of sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical small brands.

    Female Founder Finder ✨ – for a range of impressive female-owned businesses.

    Itsblackowned ✨ – for even more amazing black-owned brands!

    Yard + parish ✨– for luxury and eco-conscious black-owned companies.

    Beunica ✨– for sustainable pieces from luxury independent brands.

    Lone Design Club ✨ – for unique products made by independent designers, with regular pop-ups to check out once shops open again.

    And there are of course other ways to show your support that don’t involve spending any money! You can follow their social pages, like and save their posts, and share their content with your own followers. This really boosts their engagement, which in turn helps others find out about (and hopefully shop from) them.

    Have you discovered any amazing small brands lately? Share them in the comments section below so more people can check them out – they might even end up in a future BuzzFeed post!