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    10 Ways To Have Fun When You're Broke Because You Just Graduated

    You've graduated and now you've got to start supporting yourself. How's a slightly- bigger-kid supposed to have fun in this world!? We've figured out a couple ways how.

    1. Get Outside


    The easiest, and one of the greatest, ways to have a good time is to grab a couple friends and hit the outdoors. Hiking, walking, laying down in a park or on the beach (personal favorite for the lazy cats like me out there) are all free.

    2. Bowling


    Almost every bowling alley has some type of off-day deal and most of the "non-luxury" allies have cheap drink offers as well!

    3. If You're Hittin' A Club....DRINK BEFORE HAND!


    Anyone who has ever been to a club knows the most expensive part is buying drinks. Split a couple bottles of cheap wine or beers before you go out and the amount you buy at the club will dramatically decrease - especially since most bars don't have cover charges.

    4. Find A Television Audience To Join


    If you're in any city or place that films television shows, you can find ones that need audience members! Tapings are really fun and a lot of these tickets are free, you just need to sign up in advance. Just this past week I saw a taping of the Conan O'Brien show. Search online for your favorite shows and see where they film and the ticket schedules.

    Conan O'Brien

    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


    Jimmy Kimmel

    5. Reenact Scenes From Children Of The Corn


    If you're not living in a place where they film ANY television programs that need an audience, I'm assuming you live near a field of corn. I don't know how fun this is because I've never tried it but I'm assuming you could make a good game out of it! Plus- if it ends up being boring at least you're surrounded by a potential snack.

    6. Take A Book to a Coffee Store


    If you really need some alone time but don't want to just sit at home, read at a coffee shop! Coffee is on the cheaper side (if not consuming Frappucinos every day) and you can have a full afternoon reading.

    Just don't watch Netflix in public instead of reading. That's annoying. To everyone else.

    7. Play Tag!


    Tag is the best game ever created and a completely underrated form of exercise. Grab some friends, head to the park, and create the biggest game of tag you can. You will not be disappointed.

    And if you are you're probably just not a very fun person.

    8. Outdoor Movies


    Many cities have a variety of outdoor movie events, especially during the summer. Though one of the more expensive activities on this list, it's totally worth it and can fit into almost any budget.

    9. Free Exibits


    Art Shows, Museums, Schools - all of these places usually host a variety of free exhibits. Just check online to see what shows are happening where, you can usually find a couple good ones in any given city.

    Even better yet, school IDs haven't expired if you just graduated so....use that student discount while you can!

    10. BEACH. SNOW. OR....


    Living somewhere coastal? Go to the beach.

    Living in the mountains? Go hiking or go sledding?

    Living somewhere flat? Sorry I'm not really sure what to tell you on this one...


    Moral of the story is: No matter what - your fun comes from you not how much money you spend.

    Get out there and make your own fun!

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