Valerie Patriarca

Valerie Patriarca
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  • The Ultimate Drinking Game For The Ultimate Douchiness

    Seeing the super wealthy flaunt their super toys and “obscene lifestyle” on CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich can go one of two ways: You either feel inspired and love to watch! OR You feel rage and LOVE to #HateWatch. I hate to admit it, but even though calls it “non-stop douchiness,” I LOVE to watch the parade of exotic cars, multi-million dollar mansions and super cray destinations that crash my TV screen every week. (Full disclosure: I swear it’s not just because I am one of the show’s producers) And I also must admit, I love when the super-rich take over my living room even more when I can turn it into a drinking game. So here we go… Break out the super juice of your choice & while you watch take a sip every time….

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