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    • valenciadavisb

      I am an African American female and the first home I owned was in Dearborn Heights, pretty close to Inkster. The street we lived on was predominantly white. Our next door neighbors were very friendly and became our friends and disclosed to us that when we first moved in there was a lot of discontent among the neighbors that an interracial couple was moving in (my husband is white). It is not too far fetched to believe that this was racially motivated. We live in a society that for too long has always portrayed African Americans (in the media and elsewhere) as “ghetto” and criminals. It is beginning to change now, however, old habits and thought processes die hard. This man was a coward at best regardless of his race or reasoning. No one will probably ever know his full motivation for such a rash action, but either way, he is in the wrong whether it was an act of racial profiling or just stupidity.

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