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    • vagabondbychoice

      He’s not deconstructing Batman, but mistaking the outcome of a character’s actions for being significant instead of the character’s actions itself. HQ was never a killer, and this put her (a) in the big leagues and (b) pulled her away from her original intent, which was the ultimate Joker groupie.  As for his notes on Batman, he’s describing a realization that many of us already had. (Ongoing debate: did Batman create the villains or would they have existed without him?) But, this isn’t reminiscent of the historical Batman. Through the 80s and earlier, Batman happily let his foes die in “poetic justice” (generally by their own misfortune, not his doing) and he wouldn’t even blink. He would make a point about how they deserved it. Today’s Batman (since the 1990s) goes to crazy lengths to SAVE villains. He no longer thinks that death is a form of justice.  This is the significance in HQ’s story - akin to Batman’s 1990 switch (stopped being campy, preventing villain deaths) HQ will now be viewed as a malicious (and independent) villain instead of comic relief attached to the Joker. As for whether killing tons of people affects comic story lines, read Gotham Central if you want to see the civilian side. Best comic series I’ve read in a while.

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