15 Faces Every College Student Knows Too Well

    All the damn time.

    1. When someone in your class reminds the professor about an exam:

    2. When your roommate tells you what you did last night:

    3. When the professor emails you that class is cancelled:

    4. When you turn in your assignment with one minute to spare:

    5. When your laptop dies and you forgot to press save:

    6. When the professor and a student get into a heated argument:

    7. When you have five exams in one week:

    8. When you check your bank account after a night out:

    9. The look you give your friend when the professor lets you pick your partner:

    10. When the professor randomly calls on you during class:

    11. When you remember you still have homework at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night:

    12. When your parents transfer you money:

    13. When the professor extends the due date for an assignment:

    14. When someone sits in your unassigned seat:

    15. And lastly, when you finally get your degree and have to enter the real world:

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