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    Posted on Mar 24, 2014

    12 South Asian Memes To Understand Your Indian Friend

    It's not all studying and being denied the ability to date...oh wait, yes it is.

    Long names:

    If the teaches hesitates before saying the name, it's the indian kid.

    Limited options:

    Dad's brother's uncle is always giving unsolicited advice.

    Dad's expectations:

    Doctor or complete failure. It's your choice!

    Parental wisdom:

    No words.

    Assimilation? Hah!:

    "If YOU ask, my parents will say yes, but if I do, I'll get a chappal to the head." #thestruggle


    You are not 'wifey material' until your rotis are perfectly round.

    Nosy 'Auntie':

    Never tell her the truth, young grasshopper. You don't date, you go to the library and 'study.'

    Big Savers:

    That compound interest is going to look pretty sweet in 50 years.

    Leaving another desi person's house:

    Oh, the humanity.


    God forbid you ever put a wet bag in with the others. *Shudder*

    Marriage expectations:

    "So you're of marrying age!"

    "I'm 20."

    "Yeah, too old, yaar."

    Dating another desi:

    Pre-tax is where it's at, man.

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