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    • Ursularrr

      I completely disagree with this article. Glee has got ridiculous! The whole Chris Brown argument made me angry because it’s come out of nowhere and suddenly they’re getting self righteous about what songs they sing? THEY DIDAGARY GLITTER SONG. AGHHH. Why is there no plot continuity?! Makes mealittle angry. It’s completely lost it’s realism and it’s far too professional and sleek nowadays. For example, they have more weird sets and cuts to them singing on the stage in ballgowns rather than just watching them sing. Wanna see the old, great Glee? Go watch Keep Holding On orIFeel Pretty/Unpretty to see whatImean. Also Unique wins the award for most annoying character ever to appear on Glee… Also it’s by far the worst season of Glee so far butIseem to be in the minority for this opinion.

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