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The Patagonian Cavy

Relatives of guinea pigs and looking like a mix of capybaras, jackrabbits and God-knows-what else, these things are now living with people... waiting ... to kill you. With cuteness!

Urls Gone Wild 10 years ago

"Confessions of a Superhero" Documentary

CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO is a feature length documentary that chronicles the lives of three mortal men and one mortal woman who make their living working as superhero characters on Hollywood Boulevard. Watch for free on SnagFilms.

Urls Gone Wild 10 years ago

"Delgo" - Worst Opening Ever

Did you see "Delgo"? Nobody did! Freddy Prinze Jr.'s animated movie had the worst opening ever for a wide release film.

Urls Gone Wild 10 years ago

Bears Playing Hockey

Could everyone watch this video and tell me if it's real ... because it's really freaking me out.

Urls Gone Wild 11 years ago

Who is Biker Fox?

Biker Fox is 5' 10" and 155lbs with naturally curly brown hair. He has lost over 90 pounds since he began riding a bicycle 5 years ago. More on him here.

Urls Gone Wild 11 years ago