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    10 Reasons I'm Marching For The Ocean At #PeoplesClimate

    This Sunday, over 100,000 people will converge on New York City to march for climate action. People have heard all about warming atmospheric temperatures and more extreme weather, but we’re marching with a different focus: our oceans.

    If you're marching, we hope you'll march for the ocean and those who depend on it. Here's why:

    1. For the love of oysters.

    2. The oceans have been protecting us from global warming, but they can only protect us for so long.

    3. Rising sea levels are a threat to our cities and our homes.

    4. Superstorm Sandy was a wake up call.

    5. I want to keep watching Shark Week.

    6. The deeper you drill, the bigger the spill.

    7. Three billion people depend on the oceans for their food.

    8. The people losing their seafood aren’t the ones causing the problem.

    Over a billion of the poorest people in the world depend on seafood for their primary source of protein. When we ignore the impacts of fossil fuel production, we're exporting our responsibility to developing nations.

    9. Hawaiian vacations are way cooler with healthy coral reefs.

    10. This Sunday, there’s only one cure for FOMO