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    Who Is Eric Jonathan Hill And Why You Would Want To Know Who He Is.

    Bachelorette contestant, World Traveler, Philanthropist, and Extreme sports enthusiast; Eric Hill was hospitalized Sunday April 20th, in critical condition due to a paragliding accident.

    Playing games with children in Rwanda / Via

    The hashtags #GOwithEric and #PrayforEric are starting to trend globally on many social platforms.

    The Reason why is because World Traveler, ABC's The Bachelorette contestant, and Philanthropist; Eric Hill was hospitalized this past Easter Sunday in a paragliding accident.

    Eric is a native to California, an adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast, and world traveler "seeking to find awesome in every country". The Biology graduate is on a mission to travel to all 195 UN-recognized countries in world record time (1200 days). Starting his project in February of 2013; 'The Global Odyssey' also known as 'GO with Eric' has taken him across the Globe to well over 50 countries in his first year of traveling. Growing up with five brothers and sisters, he comes from a family with a passion for exploration. The goal for the project is to know each culture on a personal level and find the beauty this world has to offer.

    Facebook: media / Via Facebook

    "As early as kindergarten I remember wanting to see every country in the world", Eric said. To fully grasp the culture in each country, he stays with the locals and eats with them as well, "If the locals eat it, I eat it". From daily chores to teaching school in small villages, he is always seeking to give back. "If I can leave a little piece of me behind, then I know I helped that community grow".

    Even though Eric's main project is to travel to each country in world record time, he took time off earlier this year to be a contestant on ABC's The Bachelorette, set to air later this year.

    Base Jump in Norway / Via

    On April 20th 2014, Eric was taken to the hospital in critical condition due to a paragliding accident. Although he was wearing all of the appropriate safety gear at the time of the accident, and is well trained in paragliding, his parachute partially collapsed, sending him into the mountainside.

    At this time His family and close friends have requested that everyone keep him in their hearts and prayers.

    Eric represents the meaning of Earth Day as it is his pursuit to bring cultures together, and make the world a better place. Please take a minute to send support and words of encouragement to him and his family in this tragic time.

    #GOwithEric #PrayforEric

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